Scenario Based Loadouts for The Prepared and Aware

Scenario Based Loadouts for The Prepared and Aware

July 13, 2018 featured news 1
Of all the thoughts that cross my mind never would I have imagined to be so involved in gear, as I am lately. For those who don’t know, I have been working with as their gear review guru and I am flooded with all sorts of great gear! You can checkout those reviews HERE of you are interested.
With all this newfound knowledge and experience with survival gear I thought we could play around with some situational prepper loadouts. I am not a big fan of the ONE BAG TO RULE THEM ALL, game plan. I would much rather see someone invest in good bags and load them out per situation. There is one exception for me and that is the GET HOME BAG that stays in my truck and doesn’t change much.
As a disclaimer, I guess, I have to mentioned that gear does not amount to a whole lot if you
A.      Don’t know how to use it
B.      Don’t have any skills outside of fancy gear
I know my audience and I assume that we are all pushing towards the very pinnacle of disaster preparedness and self-improvement on a regular basis. Also, I am going to have a lot of affiliate links in this article. If you buy something from one of these links I will get a small percentage of the cost. It’s just one of the ways blogs stay alive.
All that said, lets move on to the loadouts.


Urban Access Loadout

Don’t play the odds when it comes to urban survival. Your number one play must be to get away from the city. Live like there are no other options. Even if you have food and water stored, in a full breakdown of society, you will not be able to survive very long. There just won’t be resources around to replenish and people will get crazy. Obviously, self defense is a big concern when it comes to surviving the big city but there is another huge consideration, ACCESS. When building your urban survival loadout be sure that you have several ways to gain access or to get through obstacles in your way. The quickest route from point A to point B is a straight line and cities can be hell when it comes to this principle.
Pack – Vertx EDC Ready Pack You want your pack to be unassuming the Vertx EDC commuter is a great bag that wont draw attention to you or your group. It is also built to take things like holsters and customization. You can also slide a Premier Body armor, or other brand, panel inside.
Defense – 9mm and/or concealed AR Pistol Traveling a fallen urban environment is a practice in the grey man theory. You do not want to call attention to yourself. You don’t want to be the guy carrying an AR15 around on a sling. I would like a concealed handgun, extra magazine and a folding stock AR Pistol in my bag.
Access Tools –
The very core of this loadout is all about the access tools. I think there are necessary tools for getting out of a city that cannot be replaced or left out. Of course, you are going to have other survival basics in your pack but these are unique items to the situation.


Prepper’s EDC Loadout

The EDC loadout or Everyday Carry has exploded in the community and I am glad to see it. I am seeing the various type of tools and items that people carry. As a writer, I like my EDC to include things a tablet and some backup power sources. Your EDC might look a little different and I would love to read about it in the comments below. Another important part of my EDC is my 9mm CCW.
Pack – 3vGear EDC Sling Pack This is a very convenient little sling that will not house a full sized laptop but will take a small tablet. If you aren’t carrying in a holster, maybe running to the gym or something like that. Defense – Concealed Carry Pistol and Alien Gear IWB holster
Light – Steamlight Microstream Ultra Streamlight is putting out some of the best lights on the market in my opinion.  A flashlight is a very important piece of this puzzle. While you may not want to carry one in your pocket you should have something stored in your EDC sling. A charger helps, too
Knife – Kershaw Link
Multi Tool – Gerber Dime
Your EDC loadout should offer you everything you need to get back to your vehicle. This is assuming that your vehicle has a GET HOME BAG stored inside. From here you should be outfitted with everything you need to get away from a disaster and back home. Not bad to have a trunk gun waiting for you as well.


Day Trip Loadout

The family daytrip is a big one this time of year. I have covered this in detail for the average prepared person in this article. We are going to pull a few items from this article as well as introduce some new stuff.  A lot has changed since I wrote that first article though some of it still holds true.
Pack – The 3VGear Paratus Three Day Operators Pack 
Water – Under Armor Sideline 
Food – Dried Fruit and Nuts Our diets all need help. The snacks you pack will feed your adventure on that day trip. You will be tempted to make poor food choices unless you are well hydrated and fileld with good food.
First Aid Kit – Tactical Molle EMT Build your own first aid kit with quality items inside that fit the needs of your family 
Sunscreen – Don’t go on a trip without sunscreen, if you are going to outside
Bug Spray – The same can be said about bug spray


Get Home Loadout

Easily the most important bag in the bunch, I give the Get Home Bag all of my love. While many preppers will focus on the Bugout Bag I am much more inclined to sink quality gear and hard thought into a Get Home Bag. This is because we are so often away from our homes. 
Pack – Velox II by 3VGear I haven’t found a better get home bag that is more affordable than the Velox II. This bag is such a great addition and its built to survive the journey bag to home base. For me, the Velox II by 3VGear offers up everything I need and want in a Get Home Bag to stow in my trunk. It is covered with Molle and is very customizable. I keep a first aid pouch in my car that can be attached to this bag for the trek home. 
Defense – While most will settle for the EDC on this one. I think you should consider a trunk gun for just this situation. Something small and compact but a carbine would be great. 
Clothing – Be sure that you have a change of clothing. You need a good pair of shoes to hop into. Look into Tesla shoes if you are tight on money. You can get them from Amazon and they are great running shoes for about 20 bucks! 
Food – Millenium Energy Bars These taste pretty good and while they are not foods that you want to be eating everyday they are 400 calories each and are a great option for eating on the go and staying fueled
Water – Straw type water filters are great for this but I also like to have a water bottle everyday that fits into my bag. 
Shelter – A quality tarp, paracord and stakes will make shelter something you don’t have to consider. I like having a quality survival poncho on hand.


Suburban Assault Loadout

Things could get so bad that you are forced to meet maximum collapse with maximum efficiency and violence of action. The best thing you can do is remain as quiet and careful as possible after a collapse but you might find that you need to head out into the fallen world. If that’s the case, you will need a loadout to support you along the way. I am a firm believer in the fact that we do not want to engage in unnecessary gun fights in a collapse. Still, what happens when its unavoidable. James Michael Christman wrote a great article about this and to be frank he can do this better than me so check out his article on Tactical Loadouts for Preppers
What would you add to these loadouts? What have I missed and are there scenarios that we need to consider beyond these. We could have done the Bugout but I left that one out because there are tons of resources on that particular loadout.


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