Preparing for Fitness

Preparing for Fitness

August 23, 2012 Fitness 0

There is a big scary topic out there that most preppers tend to shy away from. The very thought of it makes us.. (how did our wonderful President put it?) cling to our guns and our bibles. Well here is the deal, Im talking about physical fitness. What good is your shiny new gun, filled with heavy ammo, if you can’t carry it 1/2 a mile without blacking out.
There are no two ways around it, getting fit is essential. Now we are not going to rate it amongst other things as that is not really my style. There is only one interest to me in hierarchy of prepping and that is water; 2,3 and 4 really come down to the individual anyway.
It is important to understand that throughout history societies have been in much better shape than ours. Even the rarely fed peasant classes of days forgotten could chase most of us down for whatever purpose necessary. Cultures forged through hard labor have fallen just as simply as those who held out their hands to be chained (as it seems we are lately). It’s not enough to have the knowledge, the materials and the guts for survival. I want you to be able to enforce your decision to survive.
So where to start? Well, there are a myriad of physical fitness tests you can take. Some will have you doing sit ups, jumping jacks, pull ups, somersaults through flaming hoops. The best ones will calculate your level of fitness by 2-3 exercises and a quick check of your pulse along with some general height weight info.

No time for all that. Good! Here is my method. Get a pedometer. One mile is roughly 2000 steps. Run a mile, and I mean run it no jogging. First of all could you meet the goal and if so you want to have met that goal somewhere in the 6-8 minute time frame. If not you got work to do.
Next, drop down to the floor and do 20 pushups. Keep your chin just off the ground as you descend and be sure press all the way up. No knees on the ground and no half ups. If you can’t complete that goal then you need to start doing pushups in the mornings. Before work, before you take out the dogs, whatever, just get 3 sets of 10-15 in.
Finally situps, 50 of them non stop. Not crunches. Lay back on the ground and wedge your legs under something that will take your weight and sit up till your elbows touch your knees. If you have trouble knocking this one out that you need to start doing sit ups in the morning. I would say at least 3 sets of 30 if you cant do 50. If you can 3 sets of 50.
Fitness can be made as simple or as difficult as you choose. If you dont have the time to set up a routine and go to a gym. I recommend squats, pushups, situps and pull ups. These exercises will build your base strength in your legs, create a powerful core and also build upper body strength.

The important thing about this article is that you get started today. No excuses. I hear so many preppers talk about how they dont have the space to prep or they dont have the money to make a solid investment. Well, invest in your body. You dont need space or money and you can start right now. Drop and give me 20!

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