Prepare Yourself for the Crazy Holidays and American Culture

Prepare Yourself for the Crazy Holidays and American Culture

September 22, 2017 news 0

Fall is here and though the media would you to think you have no culture in America its about to come into full phase. We are a diverse nation. We are an accepting and loving nation. We have a higher rate of immigration than any other nation on the planet. Yet, we are still the most prosperous. Don’t tell me about China and India. If you kill baby girls you aren’t on our level.

Like it or not we are a Judeo Christian nation and our holiday season reflects that. I am proud of my American culture and I hope you are, too. Are they highly materialistic? Yes. Are they over priced, over marketed and under appreciated? Yes, Yes and Yes. So what? These coming days bring families together and people closer to their god. Never forget, it was religion that brought us to this continent.

Of course there are some inherent risks with this time of year. Things like robbery, depression and heinous acts from untethered souls tend to show up around holiday time as well. Its a tough time if you have made bad decisions or if you have been dealt a bad hand in life.

Outfit yourself with the knowledge and the tools to survive the crazy holidays and American culture.

What are the constants of the holiday season?

You go places and a focus on prepared travel is in order? Is your vehicle ready for all this travel and do you have the things you need inside of it?

Online transactions are dominating the landscape. Scams and hacks are always more prominent during the holiday season. 2017 will be not different.

Whether your shopping brick and mortar or buying everything offline you will have expensive gifts in your home. Bad guys will know it.

We hike the hills of mountain orchards for apples and we traipse the clay soils to pick pumpkins in the fall. All this before Halloween is even here.

Prep for Holiday Trips

  • Prep yourself a reliable day pack for these trips to enhance your EDC.
  • Pack your car with a get home bag on these long trips.
  • Go early and leave early.
  • Spend too much and eat too much.

The Panic Button

If you are going to be doing a lot of shopping and spending a lot of time alone at malls or other events you should certainly invest in a personal alarm. This is not a substitute for your CCW or ability to defend yourself but it can be an option that brings help while you are in a tussle. Vigilant makes a 130 decibel personal alarm that clips right on your keys or purse.

These will get people’s attention and bring help in a hurry. Even if you think you can handle yourself, you never know the circumstance.

Quick Tips for Holiday Buyers with OPSEC on the Mind

There are some steps we all can take to limit how much info a bad guy can glean from just casing our home.

  1. Burn your boxes
  2. Shred Receipts and bills
  3. Shop online with Visa Gift Cards
  4. Don’t Store your gift pile in front of a window!
  5. Shop early both in season and time of day
  6. Avoid scams online

Consider your Safe 

Where are your most valuable items stored? Is it the right place. Do you have the right safe? I am a firm believer in multiple locations for valuables. I also believe in not storing all of your valuables in your home. Many people say kids rooms are a great place to hide your valuables. I think you have to get much more creative than that.

Besides your normal safe there are many concealable options out there. Do some research on these to see what makes sense for you. Even better is to build your own safe. The linked DIY article is very impressive.

In The End

Don’t forget to enjoy this time of year. Its like anything else we talk about on I AM Liberty, own your experience. Enjoy it but be prepared for the off chance that things get ugly!






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