Our World VI

Four  seprate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood  and no political finger pointing.  Now the lights are out,  water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

There are times when I wonder if the war is still going on. We are loners. It’s the only way to live. twice we have moved into more populated area. They expect shit ya know. you have to bring in a skill set or an offering. We just bring two mouths to feed. Then there are the rules of each community. Dont get me wrong I get it but…lets just say outsiders are frowned upon. I just want a place I can call home. Feel at home and build on that for my boy. I could imagine the early years of my son’s life to be like this

It was the oil that made us vulnerable. It always was the oil and I find myself wondering if that was always the plan. We were like addicts wandering around the globe. Moving in on places we know we didn’t belong in search of that next fix. Its funny too, when Iraqi Freedom went down there were groups of people who would cry bloody murder ‘this war is about oil!!’ then go and fill their tanks on the way to work. The age of blame is over. We all fucked up. How can we come down on a government that was simply providing the way of life we have all come to expect as Americans. Tell me how you would react if the President appeared on television with news that in less than a decade America would not have oil to sustain the life we had become accustomed to.

Sometimes I feel like its better this way. Now we can move forward.  Before we were simply delaying the inevitable 

Sharon Kimball

So I feel that this is something to record. It is how the structure of society has changed in our world since the collapse. You see everyone has a value in this new world. It is not based on where you live or what you wear, not on the music you listen to or the people you associate with. We were lost in the importance of those things before the bombs. Before the lights turned out for good and we learned to worship the moon again your worth was determined by pop culture. Now, it’s very different. Skills, it’s all about skills. Those long-haired, dusty iron workers and coal miners or the crazy hippie guy who grew mushrooms at his house and never wore deodorant, kings in our world. Skills to survive comprise your worth.

Military and scientists are among the most valuable. If you had an army ranger and a biologist well, lets just say you would have one hell of a fantasy team. The world runs on skills now. Purification of water, gardening and most importantly the ability to turn trash and rubble into buildings and structure. It is quite an eye-opening situation.

So where does that leave me. Out of college I got lucky. Landed a good job out here and was making it. Finally. Then it all changed. My skill set disappeared in the wind like sawdust in a fire. I literally watched my college education, all my investment in post education and my career fizzle out with the rest of the lights. Now I am just surviving. Struggling day-to-day and learning. I have no skills therefore I am worthless to a community.

Terrence Howard

This thing must be ineffective. I have seen them run it over my shelter a few times. No ears perked up no smile and nod. It appears my efforts have proven effective. We are just too deep for that method. Still, there is a problem. They aren’t leaving. After all that effort and failure they aren’t leaving. Its bugging me. Days have gone by and I know we did not leave much food topside. Unless they brought their own.

They came in by foot. So surviving off what they can carry and not restocking would be a losing game for them. The only reason you would remain in a situation like this is if you were expecting some sort of payoff. These are strange times. I am not even 100% sure on what is going on up there now. How bad things really are. We have food and water but by now I have to believe, especially without the electricity, things are getting very tough. Even if the bombs killed hundreds of thousands there are still so many mouths to feed.

One of my children is coughing. A thick moist cough. Something that I am worried about. We do not have antibiotics. I have enough cough medicine to outlast the cough itself but if this gets worse. I may have to go topside. These thugs up there will not make that easy.

Gilbert Hernandez

I woke up late last night to someone banging on my door. It was the guy from the fight, my opponent. So I jumped back and drew my hands up. He just fell to his knees and said, ” No, man I just watched you leave with all that food…I’m starving.” He was shaking and weak. Fighting takes a lot out of you especially a loss. I am sure that win was his only way to get food. To me he looked more dehydrated than anything else.

I helped him up and brought him into my ‘home’ these days I use that word loosely. He was faint so I gave him some water and sugar mix. Fed him till he was full. It’s the least I could do.  He told me about the fights. 2 years into it, this man had the scars to show. No gloves in this league. ‘You will bleed,’ he told me. I understood what I was getting myself into and smiled as I ate a spoon of rice.

I thanked him on his way out the door. Before he could thank me. The fighter threw me a confused look. It had been a while since I had company, good company. Ages since I could just sit around and bullshit with another guy. It was a breath of fresh air. Then I dreamt of a beautiful woman. Hair as long as time, big brown eyes and voice that dripped like honey down my spine. It had been sometime since I was in the company of a lady as well.

The When

When? This is the question. We will fall deeply into this thought daily. Could it be tomorrow or could it be after the election? Could it be decades away? Will this tiny thread that holds our world together surprise us all with its resiliency. Is there even a chance we could last another century? No one could ever know. Will it hit like a megaton bomb? Or will it cover us slowly like the  warmth of death.

It’s why we wake up and scan the internet for information. Its the reason we push ourselves to learn more each day. It’s the reason why we haven’t  got a birthday present in so many years. Instead telling the family to buy strange implements and freeze dried foods. The reason we stay up late at night trying to figure out how we have fallen so far as a country, a people. Its the reason we stand over our children as they sleep, wiping our tears and praying to god to hold it together long enough that they may know a good life. The ‘when’ drives us.

You understand it is best we do not know. It is best we err on the side of caution. Better we do all we can now. Sometimes a purchase is just about helping you think clearly or sleep at night. If we must learn these skills and store this food to put ourselves at ease then so be it. You can’t eat an IPhone 5. There is reason we aren’t pulled towards these pop culture interests. We see things others do not. Understand that makes us no better than them. It simply means we have even more work to do.

Imagine a man leading a party of others over a mountain top blizzard yet the leader is the only one with goggles. Would it not be his duty to pull the stragglers back on course. We must keep those around us on course. Nudge them every now and then. You see there will come a time for each and everyone when the blizzard will stop and they will see as clear as day. If you let them stray they may succumb to the elements, or worse, they may find there way back; this time wearing the face of an enemy.

There is only one way that ‘when’ wont matter. That being our ability to come out of our shells and instead of falling into our isolationist attitudes we must work hard to prepare the world. Pull together your community and get people growing food. Start a community garden, flock, hen house. It will be our ability to lean on one another that will prevent us from leaning on an oppressive government, home based or otherwise. Teach classes in your community about self reliance. If you are not a people person start a self reliance newsletter that can be delivered to mailboxes or doorsteps twice a month or each week.

The lot of you are built of great minds. I know what I am asking goes against a lot of what you believe but please take a few under your wing now while they are allies or the day will arrive when they become enemies.

If you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s you will see horror in your lifetime. Hopefully, it will not touch your community. Heaven forbid it does, be prepared but if your pantry is the only one stocked it makes you target. If you’re pantry is one among a hundred you will be an equal. The question lingers. It burns in us it motivates us. Just give it respect, carry on and remember it is not an if but a when.




Our World V

Four  seprate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood  and no political finger pointing.  Now the lights are out,  water stopped running, this is Our World


Sharon Kimball

I can’t leave Phoenix now. As much of a vile wasteland it has become, as hard as it is just to come by water I simply can’t leave.

All this time that has passed I have been nothing but a little rat. Scurrying around the streets of Biltmore Estates just trying to survive. Lapping up a little puddle here, a nibble of cheese there I had forgotten about purpose. Slowly losing the human element.

This scorching pit has brought it back. Purpose I mean.

My one escape out of here was revealed to proof of our weaknesses even in these trying times.
It was assurance that mankind is much like a two year old who understands exactly what they’re doing wrong and why its wrong yet, will continue on and do it anyway.A weakness that brought us into this mess we are in.

Too bad for mankind. That slaveship of a bus will meet its doom, at my hand. I am sure there will be some very angry, very mean people that will want to know what happened to their  bankroll. Oh well, Im hungry and bored and someone is going to pay for what’s going on.

Love just isn’t anymore. It is like a strange virus. Its still around in small pockets, tucked away behind boarded doors. Unfortunately, for a girl like me, the disease is no longer replicating.

That being said I will take my loneliness and frustrations out on this bus to hell and then I’ll go. Perhaps there is a place outside of Phoenix; somewhere a little more contagious…

Terrence Howard

The kids are scared today. It seems my worst fear has come screaming to life. Whether or not it was my mistake of leaving the computer top side, our guests have come looking.

I have one hand crank, all weather camera mounted outside. It was simply a design to keep our eyes open to what is happening out there. Most of the time it is off. Unless things get loud outside. Then I  can look. It is a very important asset to have. I mean if you don’t know what it looks like outside how would you know when to come out.Things like nerve gas and fallout are silent. Also someone stalking your goods.

They could never find me if employing typical means. I made sure of that. But somehow these fools have got their hands on a metal detector. It looks like they cannot get it working right now.

We are deep. Deep enough that you cant just go banging around looking for a hollow patch of ground. The entrance is hidden in the crawlspace of our home and crawl you must if you want to get to it.
Still, the kids are scared. I dont know what kind of power that detector has but I have keep my eye in the sky on them. If they come down here looking for a handout. Well, lets just say I prepared for such a situation.

Gilbert Hernandez

I won! 2 bags of rice, 10 cans, of tuna, new shoes (well relatively) and some damned self respect.  

Not one guy even looked my way as I walked out the door with my winnings. You don’t try to rob a guy who just floored someone twice his size in 2 minutes.

Thats all it took, 2 minutes. The guy was big but sluggish. You could tell he had been on the rice and oatmeal diet for too long. Just as I thought he looked nothing like my “advisors” said. He certainly didn’t fight like it either

I figured he would be weak around the ribs. We all are. There is not a lot of that extra padding American used to carry around. Worked the body for the first minute straight. Tagged him a few times above the eyes. He shook it off, could take a punch. Landed a good leg kick that I thought was gonna snap is left leg but the straight right to the plexes crumpled him.

Its funny ya know. The best guys kept the best trainers in the old world. They won so they could afford them. I feel like its just the same now. If you win you eat knowing your next opponent might not gives you the edge a great trainer would. So victory breeds victory. Some things still apply in our world.

Kurtis O’Leary

There was just so much going on it was hard filter out the important messages. Hollywood breakdowns mashed between stories of China and Japan at each others throats over land masses of the Asian coast. The media became masters of the chaser. It was like they introduced bullshit news that we all ‘cared about’ and we’d all change the channel when we heard Middle East.

The point came when we just turned a blind eye to it. Like abused children all in the same household. Running out of oil, my tanks full today. Korea about to implode, I got the new iwhatever. Even reasonable people, like myself, felt our borders were impenetrable. It pisses me off. There were so many signs and good honest people just didn’t want to do anything about it. Not even acknowledge it. Now, my son suffers for my ignorance.

My crazy ass neighbor used to talk my ear off about bushes and trees and shit. The man knew what every tree was in the whole fucking development. He knew so much about what just didnt matter at the time. Well that shit is life and death now. Man I wish I would have listened little closer. Took some time to learn about the world around me instead the world behind the screen. Blind eye, like I said.

So whats up with the DHS?

Several million rounds of ammunition purchased by the DHS. Any one reporting anything, anywhere would have gotten a wiff of this, yet we hear nothing. Several million rounds! The latest news in a great article by James Smith the Covert Prepper is breaking down the purchase of even more ammo this time .308 rounds for sniper rifles. Accurate at 600 yards. Rumors, classified documents and most importantly silence. Deafening silence.

So what’s up with the DHS. Why all the secrecy? Do we not deserve to know why our nation’s departments are arming to the teeth. Why don’t we get weekly speeches about setting some extra money aside for food and water. Do they even know who they are protecting and what they are protecting against. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they are not 100% sure whose warm bodies these rounds are for.

I don’t want to be like the rest of the bulimic media that just regurgitates facts and cycles frightening headlines to get you to point and click. Understand I have one goal, to see as many of us prepared as humanly possible. I want everyone who reads this article to go out and buy a case or two of water for 5 lousy dollars to sustain your family in hard times. They are coming. Those we have put in power to protect us and keep us informed have failed us. Self reliance is our only savior that and community.

There are theories. You know mine. The Ponzi scheme is coming to an end and we will hit the reset on our financial system. This will cause disaster the likes of which our world has never known. This turns out to be very similar to the message passed down by a supposed informant in the Department. He says they are preparing for a civil war. Dollar collapse, hyper inflation, yadda yadda.

Or there is always the thought that perhaps terrorism is coming home. The large numbers of radicals that have been flowing into this country for decades are going to finally drop the hammer. I think an attack will come but I believe they will wait till we are already mortally wounded. Believe Sun Tzu

Pretend to be weak,
that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his
forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put
division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are
not expected.
– Sun Tzu, the Art of War

How long? How long has it been since this country was ours. I wonder if I ever knew it as my own or has my whole life been a facade. By the people for the people. Sounds great right. It had so much meaning when it was written. Now it is as much a jingle as ‘Im lovin it’.

Get prepared! Meet your neighbors. Listen, our president has opened my eyes to his abilities. Community organization is an incredible skill to have. Self reliance and building the community is about sustainability. No one wants a bloody civil war or revolution. Get prepared! So that we may prop one another up when the wall begin to fall. So that no Department needs to “protect us” from ourselves.

He will win who, prepared himself
-Sun Tzu, the Art of War


No matter which side of the fence you are on. If you are a truther or a believer or a skeptic sitting on the fence, today should not be about the argument. So much of our energy is put into proving our points. As if being right could somehow undo the tragedy. Today, as a whole, we need to understand that Americans lost lives. Tens of thousands, if not more, lives were turned upside down from loss and aftermath of the event.

Let us not glorify our enemies with anger. You see no matter what their origin the goal is still the same. They wanted to strike us with fear and confusion. It is important that we show our adversaries we are strong today. Lets show them we have taken the energy from our fallen Americans and turned it into strength. So even in these frail times when the world seems at a tipping point, when the dollar is flat lining and our government is spiraling out of control Americans can show the world our greatness.

America’s legacy is not about the worth of a dollar,  the assistance of a failing government body or an overreaching military hand. It is hard to see at times and easy to believe we have become monsters of the great machine. I know the majority of us want to teach our kids to be great and strive to be better each day. The tenacity, the confidence and most importantly the mind to question and ask ‘why’, these are the qualities that we should hold dear today. Our generosity and selflessness in times of need.

We lost great people in 2001. Fortunately the universe needs balance so we must step up and fill that void. It’s not easy doing extra but its necessary to get to that next level. I know we are all meant to do something great and when you aren’t working towards your purpose that’s when you become miserable, stale even. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

So today being a day of somber for many. I challenge you to start today. Whatever you have been wanting to start, been putting off or just been thinking about for sometime. Take a step today. This doesn’t have to be a huge leap just a small step. Make your move today. Take the energy and motivation that our fallen have left for us and funnel it into achieving.  Honor those who lost their lives on September 11th 2001 with your work towards being great.

Like I said it is not about wrong or right today. Life is to short for that. Just know there are energies aligning against us. Get prepared. This way when the next 9/11 happens we will have banded together as a country. We will lean on one another. So that as things collapse around us we will have the brilliant minds to build it back.

Get started today. That’s what 9/11 is about to me. Showing the world that our wound has healed and the flesh and bone have grown back even stronger.

Our World IV

Four  seprate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood  and no political finger pointing.  Now the lights are out,  water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

in 2016, january 15th at 12:00pm they made the announcement; iran had invaded israel with some assistance from the palestinians, north korea invaded south korea and china announced that any intervention by the united states would result in war between the two nations… 2 days later they announced we were going to war.
the war stayed overseas for a while, none of us expected it turn the way it did. during the first few months the news showed us winning every battle we fought. We lowered the enlistment age to 16 and offered GED exams to the troops who needed them when they returned home.

After the first few months the news reports started to change slightly; they never reported any large battles lost but the killed in action announcements were starting to mount disturbingly high numbers. Rumors of biological weapons being used by some nations were spreading online. Before long the government put a new law into effect giving itself access to filter and shut down internet access whenever and however it pleased, so pretty soon there was no “online” at all.

Claiming our enemies were using the information on our websites to improve how their armies fought us, but it seemed like a pretty veil thing to me.
god… the concept of the internet is mind bending to me now… it’s only been 10 years or so, but it feels like another life entirely. amazing how quickly that happens…

Sharon Kimball

ITS A GOD DAMNED CATTLE CAR! They are selling them! Its just too much to take. Even in our darkest hour sex, drugs and gambling still find ways to poke their head in.
I followed the bus of hope out of town today. The bus filled with women and children. Young girls and boys. They stopped about 3 miles outside of town and pulled up to an abandoned gas station.
A man appeared from the desecrated remains of the structure. It was almost hard to believe someone would be inside there let alone working. The pumps wouldn’t work I knew that much. So perhaps I would see how gas worked nowadays. The driver and the man spoke for a moment. Then gas man disappeared back into the rickety building.
What happened next was a sickening display.
Five men, two brandishing automatic weapons appeared out of this same shack. They pulled out all the passengers and lined them up. The three not carrying weapons looked over the “Cargo”. After handing over a small sack each man pointed out his choices.
The hands were bound and eyes blindfolded. Each man left with his prize. The rest got loaded back on the bus. Who knows where to. Probably another trading block. God help those poor souls. This is where we are. Have we learned nothing?
Gilbert Hernandez

Trained hard today. Its tough to train hard. You get dizzy. No protien drinks and smoothie bars around. More importantly no cows around. What I would give for a nice juicy steak after today’s workout. So I am on the fight card for next Friday night. Elgin made it happen, got my name to the right people. I worked out a nice little niche for myself and now I am going to give it my all. Running sucks but it sure feels alot better than stealing.
Don’t know much about my opponent. Its not like I can pull my phone out and get his fighter profile anymore. A lot of it is word of mouth. That shit can’t be trusted. Some people make him out to be a monster and others tell me he’s got a glass jaw. Either way its up to me to be prepared.
I have enough food to eat well until the fight. Only thing. I gotta win. If not it will back to hard times. I may have to hit up some shelters just to make it. Till then im training.
Terrance Howard

People must have taken over our home. We are close enough to the house that I can hear activity, day and night. Sure hope they treat her well. Once this all blows over I am gonna need it back in one piece.
You work so hard for things and in times like these you realize they are just things. The latest and the greatest that wind up in the trash in 6 months. What a life we lead. Its embarrassing that so many of us just thought it could go on forever. We could waste and burn through resources like hot steel through butter and never run out.
Never piss the other, less fortunate off enough that they would do something about it. Never have to refer to them as the Good Ol Days.
So many societies before us have perished the same way. I would hate to be a part of two that fail from the same human flaws. Thats the opportunity we have. Rebuilding will be very important.
Amid the chaos of that day I forgot to bring the laptop down here with us. It really wouldn’t have worked for very long. We have solar cells that draw energy for us scattered throughout the property and wired into the shelter. Plenty of backup light in case those fail. Still I wouldn’t risk the electricity to play minesweeper.
Internet is gone. Most electricity is gone. Hopefully that will deter them from snooping. You see the blueprints for the shelter are on that hard drive. All the when, where and how’s of our safety could be at the fingertips of our guests.

Amendment 2


I feel like we have strayed far from the true meaning and intent of the 2nd amendment. There is so much “me” in the world I feel like it is important that we understand why our forefathers placed this amendment into the constitution. It is one of, if not the most important portions of our life, the sovereignty of the land. It is for this reason that we are armed. Anything else is recreation and this should be thoroughly understood.

Let me start by going into what the second amendment isn’t. That collection of guns you bring out to show off to your buddies, a shattered clay pigeon, the handgun pic you just posted on facebook. All of these are rights and liberties we have inherited from the Constitution but I think it is important we understand why we these ideas took hold.


The Virginia delegation’s recommended bill of rights included the following:

That the people have a right to keep and bear arms; that a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defence of a free state; that standing armies, in time of peace, are dangerous to liberty, and therefore ought to be avoided as far as the circumstances and protection of the community will admit; and that, in all cases, the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.


Our ability to match up with any military force that dare impose its will on our freedom is the total purpose of the 2nd amendment. Now how do you feel about the guns and weaponry you own as compared to those being used by the military around the world? Just how long do you think you would last against a drone? The authors of our Constitution wanted us to have cannons, muskets and bayonets because they knew that is what we would face. Unfortunately, we have only made the jump to shotguns and semi automatic handguns. We aren’t even allowed to own fully automatic weapons and our society is leading towards banning assault weapons!

I own dogs. Brindled dogs with big strong bodies that love to lick people. The news feeds you garbage that would make you think my big strong dogs just want to eat the fetus out of your pregnant wife’s body. Now it is up to you to decide what you believe. In my opinion there is no difference between that ideology or the damning of automatic weapons. Any time you isolate a group and tag it, especially for its tendencies of behavior, you are in sighting the fires of oppression.

There is no way each community would be allotted an tank, anti aircraft or even rpg per so many households. But the question is should there be? In the eyes of the founders it is our duty maintain order within the government. You see we were brainwashed into cheering on our military to defeat great big, bad enemies with even bigger, badder guns but what we didnt realize was we were undoing our own freedom. The world moved quickly to attemp to balance the power with the USA and what we have now is a human race that is as severly out gunned and outnumbered, if not more, than any rebellion in history.

Please remeber, if nothing else, freedom is just a blip on the screen of time. We are talking less than 300 years in a span of thousands of years of oppression. This is not the quota and without diligent effort this time period will be remembered as just that, a blip. It will be a time we all look back to and smile before being shoved back into line by the butt of a gun.

This Thursday on I Am Liberty Chris West and I are going to discuss firearms. We are going to talk ammo and guns in a survival situation but we are also going to talk Amendment 2 and assault weapons. I think you will be very surprised at how these guns that get such bad media got their name to begin with. Keep in mind if it is our duty as citizens to maintain a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms. Than I have news for you, in this race we are getting lapped. Don’t let them take another length on us by banning assault rifles.

Preparing for Fitness

There is a big scary topic out there that most preppers tend to shy away from. The very thought of it makes us.. (how did our wonderful President put it?) cling to our guns and our bibles. Well here is the deal, Im talking about physical fitness. What good is your shiny new gun, filled with heavy ammo, if you can’t carry it 1/2 a mile without blacking out.
There are no two ways around it, getting fit is essential. Now we are not going to rate it amongst other things as that is not really my style. There is only one interest to me in hierarchy of prepping and that is water; 2,3 and 4 really come down to the individual anyway.
It is important to understand that throughout history societies have been in much better shape than ours. Even the rarely fed peasant classes of days forgotten could chase most of us down for whatever purpose necessary. Cultures forged through hard labor have fallen just as simply as those who held out their hands to be chained (as it seems we are lately). It’s not enough to have the knowledge, the materials and the guts for survival. I want you to be able to enforce your decision to survive.
So where to start? Well, there are a myriad of physical fitness tests you can take. Some will have you doing sit ups, jumping jacks, pull ups, somersaults through flaming hoops. The best ones will calculate your level of fitness by 2-3 exercises and a quick check of your pulse along with some general height weight info.

No time for all that. Good! Here is my method. Get a pedometer. One mile is roughly 2000 steps. Run a mile, and I mean run it no jogging. First of all could you meet the goal and if so you want to have met that goal somewhere in the 6-8 minute time frame. If not you got work to do.
Next, drop down to the floor and do 20 pushups. Keep your chin just off the ground as you descend and be sure press all the way up. No knees on the ground and no half ups. If you can’t complete that goal then you need to start doing pushups in the mornings. Before work, before you take out the dogs, whatever, just get 3 sets of 10-15 in.
Finally situps, 50 of them non stop. Not crunches. Lay back on the ground and wedge your legs under something that will take your weight and sit up till your elbows touch your knees. If you have trouble knocking this one out that you need to start doing sit ups in the morning. I would say at least 3 sets of 30 if you cant do 50. If you can 3 sets of 50.
Fitness can be made as simple or as difficult as you choose. If you dont have the time to set up a routine and go to a gym. I recommend squats, pushups, situps and pull ups. These exercises will build your base strength in your legs, create a powerful core and also build upper body strength.

The important thing about this article is that you get started today. No excuses. I hear so many preppers talk about how they dont have the space to prep or they dont have the money to make a solid investment. Well, invest in your body. You dont need space or money and you can start right now. Drop and give me 20!

Our World III

Kurtis O’Leary   

So…. after Europe took a shit America’s dollar was officially useless… we didn’t produce anything but corn and porn and no one was gonna buy that shit now so life started getting really weird…

Businesses started closing up, not the mom and pops, those were dead for a few years, but i mean the big guys like WaltSmart and Bullseye markets, very very strange to see them calling it quits. I guess all that bailout money dried up… Mind you, we were still fighting war with damn near everyone…

It went on like this for a few years until there was barely anything…

The mom and pops were eaten up by the big boxes long before shit hit the fan, and the big boxes died off after folks ran out of cash. It’s funny once the big guys keeled over there was a brief comeback for the mom and pop grocery and drug stores. They hung on until the end, but that was about it…

About 17 years after the planes hit when the first bomb dropped… or… i guess it was a bomb, I’m not sure, we never did hear for sure one way or the other. All i know is one day the lights went out… and they never came back on.

Reason i said “bomb” is, i heard some rumors following the “event”. people saying a bomb was set off in the atmosphere somewhere and it killed the grid… this is what i pieced together from a couple dozen stories anyway.

Sharon Kimbal

Wow! What a week it’s been.

I found a rain barrel and though I am sort of transient right now I have put it on wheels. Storing my goods in it as I travel and when the rare rains do come I attach her to the nearest abandoned home I can find and man will she fill fast.

It has been quite the barter piece.

Filling bottles for whatever it is I need. It sure beats giving up the clothes off your back or my last pair of shoes.

The bad news is the bus to paradise seems to be far from that. I ran into a girl who was literally running from the bus last time it was in town. I followed her back to her home but she wouldnt tell me anything.

Still waiting on some intel. Should have known I would be getting out of here so easily. Still I am pressing East. Dont know what I will do once I hit that stretch of open desert.

Gilbert Hernandez

Fat and happy in this world that is something to be proud of. I can sleep well tonight one of the guys I did a job for this week gave me a blow up mattress. I thought aside from shredded clothing or hay I would never feel a new mattress again. Now of course I gotta damn near pass out of existence to get air into the thing but once its open its heaven.

I work for this guy named Elgin. I am a criminal now lets make no bones about it. Though it is a new world and there are no jobs available. Also there are no laws either. So is looting really a crime? Is pulling solar panels against the law? Who should I ask?

Anyhow Elgin has been talking about a small underground fighting ring he has been running. The people still need entertainment. Its funny though you dont see stacks of cash when the bets are being pushed. Instead its a guy with a wheelbarrow. He takes shoes, rings, chains, you name it. I seen a guy bet his dog. Little jack russel riding around in the wheelbarrow. When you win you basically get the wheelbarrow full of goodies.

Before all of this I used to really enjoy martial arts. UFC, Strikeforce, Pride all that stuff. I trained and sparred for fun. Hey everything happens for a reason right? Gonna go do some push ups. Not sure what the fighters make but it will be alot better than doing what I am doing right now.

Terrance Howard

You know its funny when I started working on this shelter Marcy thought I was crazy. Alot of people thought I was crazy for a long time. Still I would be lieing if I said it didn’t have an effect when I heard it from my own wife’s lips.

The funny thing about arguing with people you care about is there is really no winning. I could rub it in her face that I was right and she was terribly wrong. I could tell her how she hurt me with her opinions on my behavior but what good will it do to make her feel bad? So what I was right you were wrong. We are safe and together and making it through the toughest days of our lives.

It takes a long time for a man to realize there is something more to life than just being right and winning arguments.

There has been alot of noise above. The last few days I have heard voices and things. They will never find us and if they do it will be a living hell to try and get in here. I was very thorough. Our exhaust and intake vents are built into huge boulders on my property. There is really no sign we event exist.

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