Beat Sandy with Simple Planning

If you are reading this the shelves have been had. The generators are gone along with most of the tarp. The stores will be packed well through the weekend. If you haven’t prepared for what could be than you may feel helpless. This thing sort of  eased into reality. It even went well under my radar. When I first saw its track I thought for sure the cold front would just bump her out to see. Apparently I am not a weather man.

Dont be depressed there is still so much opportunity for getting prepared for this storm. Even if the store shelves are emptying. With a little planning you can create a situation that will be helpful to you and your family. It is easy for us to get frustrated because we don’t have all the bells and whistles that go along with being prepared. Maybe because we slept on the situation a little or because we just don’t have the money. Kill that frustration day and focus your energy on the next couple days.

Understand your weakness

Create a list of the various threats this storm could bring to your specific area. Live on a lake? Near tall tree? Plan for these things.

Outside Contact

Make sure you have someone who can contact you or come check on your family after the storm passes. Preferably someone who wont get trapped under their house either!


This is very important! If things do get hairy and  your family gets separated somehow make sure you have a place to meet and a secondary place in case one of them is underwater.

Safe Zone

In your home right now there is a spot that, according to your threat assessment, will suit you and your family for the long haul. Bring important items to that room and some entertainment. Be prepared to hang out for a while.


Fill the tubs!


If you dont have non perishable goods at home head out and get whats left. Dont rely on the fridge or the stove. High density foods like granola bars will keep you full until the power returns. Canned meats and bread as well.

Nurse Daddy

This goes for either parent but it just sounded funnier with daddy. You have power now. Get on the internet and learn some basic first aid. Trees fall in the wind. They dont care who they fall on. Learn to work with fractures and heavy bleeding. There is a good chance 911 may have a few things going on in the coming days.

Stay positive

Your attitude determines so much of how you feel and if you are the head of your household well it determines how they feel as well. We had a really bad storm one night in Philadelphia. I was maybe 8-9. We were all up my father, sister mother and myself at 3 am. It was scary. We thought for sure this summer boomer would turn into a twister it was just so violent. I will never forget my dad saying, ” well we dont have tornado insurance so if you hear the winds we are gonna have to burn this baby down,” he smiled non nonchalantly and sat back in his chair. Things got real calm after that.

Good luck and God bless everyone in this storms path.

Our World XI

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

Survival is a prison. You literally eat drink and breathe survival. All day everyday. While you eat your first meal you think about your next and where to get water.

Connor needs a few good meals under his belt. Developing an adult brain under these circumstances will be difficult for him. I have got to think of something. He is thin. I know I am two but who the hell cares. All the food I have thrown away in my life just cycles through my head everyday. The waste. If only we could have a fraction back of what we wasted in our lives we could feed masses of people. What do they say about hindsight. Whatever it is it pisses me off.

Winter is coming too close. Though months away it is already keeping me up at night. Which is why today I opted for a swim. There is spring fed pond beyond the shattered developments we call home. It sees a ton of traffic from people seeking water but there are also those who swim in there. We were swimmers today. Sometimes you have to break out of that prison and clear your head for a moment. If only just a moment. Soak and let the worries drip off of you. Look at the smile on your sons face. Try not to look at his ribs. We are going to make it

Terrence Howard

I walked quick against the blackness. Our world gets so dark now. A darkness that I feel hardly anyone knows. It was certainly a stranger to me my first night out in it. You have to remember when my family and I took shelter the world was just teetering on the verge of destruction. It was my first experience with the new moon. Just us. No rude lights to interrupt. The sky just crushes you with brilliance to the point where you wonder what fool would have created so much electric light to block out its beauty.

The new moon was on my side. That and a road flare I had packed in my bag. I hucked the road flare from the woods just east of my home before blowing off my survival whistle. It landed just up the street from my home and brought those frightened fools running. They all came scurrying out to the front porch some in arms others just to look. I could see them from the woods but with the no moon they could never see me. Still, I moved hastily not sure if they possessed any night vision or heat signal technology.

As the two well armed men left the front porch I slip deeper into the woods and crept along the back wall of my house. It was late. I was hoping my wife was watching the big eye in the sky. I did a job for many years that she never got to see. No one was supposed to see the work I did. I was great at keeping it that way. It paid well and afforded my family a great life. Unfortunately you retire early from a job like that either by choice or death.  I was never a big fan of death and tonight I would beat it again. As I closed the door on the crawl space I could feel the warmth of my family. Opening up the latch on the shelter a fresh scent arose. It was my wifes lotion but when I my light shone on the inside of the shelter….it was empty!

Sharon Kimball

The other half of this sordid puzzle is actually a woman. Serena Tallus. Evil woman who has seen nothing but pain in her life. You know its funny how some people when they experience trauma they devote their life to making things better for others and themselves. The idea of anyone going through the things they went through is simply unacceptable. This are those who are born with relentless bravery. Then there are others who have been through hell who are so afraid of ever taking that walk again that they will do anything not to. Sacrifice anyone in their struggle to gain power and control over their life. Enter Serena Tallus.

From what I hear she spent her late teens high on heroin being passed around by the highest bidder. She is a beautiful woman. Which I am sure she uses to her advantage. I am identifying these two and learning as much as I can about them because as you can imagine they will want to know why their little money bus went away. So if they catch wind of  who I am it will be best I understand who they are and the methods they might employ to find me.

That being said, nothing will stop me from my ultimate goal. Of course there are many things much more frightening than death. This life. This lonely, cold life is nothing to really write home about.

Gilbert Hernandez

So I head up to Kaplan Ave to meet with my promoter yesterday. You know we wanted to talk opponents. I am getting to the point where people are recognizing me so things are going well for me. It is something akin to being a boxer during the depression. I feel a little like Braddock but without the loving family part. Anyhow so I go to meet with Elgin and I am greeted by two guys, big guys and one is armed. He was holding a long metal rod but I could tell it was more for his protection from what our world has become and not to harm me.

Elgins dead. Elgin is dead. My only friend on this backwards planet. Gone. Ward and Randell were their names they dropped the bad news on me then told me “the fight game would miss you” and offered to help me along. We sat down and talked opponents. For what it was worth. No one really knows anything about anyone anymore.

I had to know how Elgin went. Its funny ya know people die a lot now. People get cut and die from it. Not arterial damage like a deep cut on the arm. Our world is filthy. You get used to the smell. Elgin had a cold last time we spoke. Respiratory system became infected. By the time he got around to bartering for some antibiotics he was in too deep. Taken out by a damned cold. Like I said that’s the way it goes around here. There is not quick fixes anymore. Home remedies are all we have. Gotta keep myself healthy.

Our World X

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

China began to write us off. Just before the wars China wrote us off big time. Their leader said we were but a nation set on course for permanent decline. Still they fed us their bullshit products hand over fist. All the while tightening their fist around the Pacific. Not many realize we patrolled those waters for so many years keeping things “fair.” You remember that word. When the funds slowed so did our ability to be the worlds bouncer. Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

It was in that dark time that I realized that America is just a word. China thought it was the group of people on that continent across the water. The fact is America is just a name. It is not a place or a group of people. It’s an idea that man should be free. A right given to us by god and carried out by brave men who believe the same. Where these beliefs take root is not the point. It’s a flame that will never be extinguished. The flame will burn high at times and dance in the darkness but it will also die down become nearly a spark again. The idea is alive and the fire will rise again.

Terrence Howard

It’s a good thing I brought this crummy old book along. It seems the old man has lost a step or two.

Sneaking back to my own home, as funny as that sounds, I was spotted by a man on watch from the street. You see my eye in the sky doesn’t reach the street so I had no idea there was someone on watch. Should’ve been more careful. He sits up hill from my home near our large red bud tree.

I should have been a little more quiet but it was 2:30 in the morning and I underestimated my enemies. The big thing is I know they didn’t recognize me from the photos in our home. I spotted him at about 50 yards. Only problem is he spotted me too. This will assure a much tighter security level around the house. If they are smart. From now on I will assume they are. Matter of fact in our world it is best to assume everyone is smarter than you. It’s a much more pleasant feeling if you turn out to be wrong.

On a much more positive note my theory held strong. All of those popular drugstore chains were completely cleared out. No matter  that is just what i had planned for. I broke the glass out of a small Veterinary Clinic a few miles from my home. amoxicillin is just that right? Whether ingested by feline or human it still has the properties we need to get baby girl right. I had an older friend who couldn’t afford meds. He swore by fish antibiotics. Hope to god he was right.

Sharon Kimball

It’s like Christmas Eve. Maybe more like July 3rd. The light show will be spectacular. So lying in wake all this time has only left me with much curiosity on just who the sorry bastards are that will feel the effects of this stuff. You know, and the higher-ups who will feel it more in their pockets and stomachs. I have learned a few things about these empty minded individuals.

Joe Cole is a man with a heart as black as his last name sounds. Before the collapse he was making stacks of money working with drug cartels on, you guessed it, human trafficking. Our world would be much better without a man like this roaming the streets. There are so many vulnerable these days. It is even harder to think about. It’s so easy to take advantage of a mother who has kids to feed. There are no government programs anymore. A girl gets fuzzy in the head from dehydration and trust me inhibitions get very loose. You will do a lot for that bottle of murky water.

I read an article in the early 2000s about EMP or electro-magnetic pulse. It was just a theory but it caught my interest because of a video game I was playing at the time employed something similar on a smaller scale. The stat said, in the event of a continental power outage 70-90% of the population would be dead within the first year. At the time that seemed astounding to me. I guess I didn’t take into consideration the evil and ruin we would cause to our own.

Gilbert Hernadez

I guess I have a cracked orbital bone. It looks like a small plum is tucked under the skin next to my left eye. A little further to the left and he would have hit me right in the temple. So my hands are swollen, ribs are swollen best of all my stomach is swollen…with my hard-earned winnings. This was a helluva fight!

Terry went downstairs early. I guess he could tell I was a high energy fighter. Could be that I am light weight and hispanic, kinda got a rep for throwing 100+ punches per round. So he was bustin me up early with body shots. Its a great way to slow an opponent down. He was quick in an out too. Kinda had me worried early. The problem was his left hand was thunderous. I almost went down when he caught me with a left hook. I shot in to take him to the ground but he stuffed me no problem. Gave me a chance to catch my breath but he started right back on the body

By the 3rd I was cramping and it felt like the ribs on my right side were broken. I wasnt panicking though. I knew I would win. I am not being cocky I was taking a beating on purpose in the third. I knew how to catch him. Like I said I knew I would win. Terry was reeling back each time he through the left hook to the body. It was a huge tell. There was about a minute left. He thought he could go to the body at will, I wasnt blocking. It was numb by now so I decided to use it to my advantage. He stepped left and pulled his left arm back. When he shot off the left hook I stepped back outta range. There was so much force behind it he was nearly off-balance just from missing. When his face met my right hand, timed perfectly, it was lights out. Time to heal.

Our World IX

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

Bold moves. The was a time in the early 2000’s when the government and governing bodies around the world started making bold moves. The problem was these moves went uncontested. After the planes hit the towers Bush’s administration went into overdrive. Pouring on military power and worse yet empowering the DHS with the ability to do as they please. In the name of our “safety” of course. It just snowballed from there

Unmanned drones flying routes on American soil, new forms of domestic law enforcement and the most frightening of all was the fact that some people spoke up but were silenced by their peers because CNN said it was no big deal. The media fell into complete propaganda mode. They turned the opposition into a laughing-stock even if they had to drag out some ugly past mistakes. We just took it. Military vehicles roaming our streets and communities and we just took it.

It seems the powers that be have this thing down to a science. The world won’t stand for a bloody takeover anymore so they have found ways around it. By whittling us down slowly and adding a little spycam here and a tracking device there. It kept us angry but quiet. Not outraged. Once we cooled off they would nudge us a little more but never all at once. Just so damned persistent like a high school boy trying to get some tail from his girlfriend. Wearing us down until we gave it up. We gave it all up without as much as a peep.

Terrence Howard

We are eating good tonight. Well, all but one of us. Baby girl is showing signs of improvement but I have made the decision to leave tonight. Once the girls fall asleep. I hope to be back by dawn so they wont have to worry. I haven’t been up top in so long I really don’t know what I am walking into. Though I will be plenty prepared. I have a few ideas of where to go drum up some medicine. Most places will have been ransacked by now. It will take some creativity. Luckily for baby girl dear old dad is well versed in tough times.

However, till I leave I will assure a great meal is had by all of us. We have our everyday food down here. Our rice, beans, oats, the boring stuff we have to eat each day. Tonight I dug into our special occasion meals. We are going to have some chicken alfredo. A little vacuum packed bread that we are going to steam off add some butter and garlic salt. The girls are excited. This hole is taking its toll on them. Still, we are very fortunate to have it. The world outside is much more taxing.

This is why its so important to source great, high quality food storage. I mean face it. If I unpacked one of these tubs of wheat and found it infested with bugs what would I do. Not only would I be short on food for my family but we are long past the ability of a refund. I am sure most people who work customer service have probably starved to death themselves. Anyhow. Just all part of being prepared.

Gilbert Hernandez

This week is all about Terry. I have been running a lot. Nothing too serious I mean it is in my best interest to conserve calories moving into this bout. This last week is very important in my training. Resting becomes a much larger factor. I need a damned sparring partner. That would help out a lot. It’s not an easy thing to come by, someone who wants to burn pointless calories for my gain. Still if I search the audience at the next fight there may be someone who is a fighter too.

It’s a strange sensation to feel weak and strong at the same time. I am in good shape considering the circumstances. My muscles and my skills are stronger than before the collapse but my body on a whole and my mind feels much more weak. Its funny. That balance in life is always there. Our country was so strong in the eyes of many. We were too strong before the collapse, to some. Now we are demolished, building back in some strange image. Though I see things, people and circumstances. Days when we help each other off the ground. People helping those whom they may never have helped before and it makes me think that in our weakness and vulnerability we are in fact stronger than ever before.

Terry is a smaller guy. He doesn’t even look very intimidating. Kinda frail in the arms. If you seen him on the street you might even consider robbing him. Looks like an easy target. That is exactly why he has had such success. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. The man is a killer. I saw him out and about the other day and talked to my ‘promoter’ about him. He has quite the impressive record. I think mainly due to the fact that he appears to be a push over for most. I won’t step into the ring with a big head. Fight smart and eat well.

Sharon Kimball

You just don’t know cold nights like those in the desert. Not those in your solar heated posh home in the desert. Under the stars, with the scorpions when the sand has simply exhausted all of its ability to retain heat. The cold, unforgiving rocks suck away body heat like some sort of parasite. There is something to be said about warmth. It motivates, it inspires, and it seems to create an environment where you can operate almost seamlessly. The warmth. I haven’t known the feeling in some time. I feel like I am forgetting it as well.

Next week I will blow the Hell bus and its stubby little drive into the heavens. It feels good to write something like that and it be concrete. So much of what i do day-to-day depends on reacting. It feels good to make a solid plan and dedicate to sticking to it under any circumstances. I have to say this little endeavor has been exciting it has kept my mind off the world. Off of thirst and hunger. It might actually be kind of sad once the mission is accomplished. I may have to turn to more episodes of quiet, yet effective, bomb detonation.

I wonder how bad it is in other places. If terrible things like this are happening here. It is hard to imagine what could be happening elsewhere. Places like NYC. Well unless they all died in the blast. Funny thought, sick thought. Where is this world better off? The places where we all have been blown back to God or where the last shreds of humanity fight against the twirling razor-sharp blades of our own actions?

Our World VIII

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

Connor is growing so fast. It is in adversity that we take our greatest steps. That line sounded way to prophetic. This writing stuff must be rubbing off well on Mr. O’Leary. Through the walk today I heard whispers about “AID”. Not sure what that is or if its edible but I would like to find out. Just cant figure out from who. More over who is going to divvy it out? I will keep an ear out and hopefully get my hands on something that could make this hell a little more bearable.

Today has been tough. I miss my wife. I miss my old life. I often wonder why some people are built to run hurdles from the day they are born and others appear to just be able to make it fine coasting in the right lane. If anything I have realized that “fair” is a mythical principal created by governments and authorities. In reality some of us just have it harder than others.  I don’t mean to bitch but hell this is my journals so why not.

A lot of our world fell apart trying to make things “fair”. Wars, debt and crime all in the pursuit of this exotic belief that we could bend the will of the universe and physics to create something that is simply impossible.  I’m just pissed tonight.  This entry was more for me than whoever finds this shitty old book once I die.

Sharon Kimball

I found an old shard of mirror today. Womans worst nightmare right. Stuggling for food and fighting off dirty, hungry, horney men pales in comparison to seeing your reflection after months of barely washing. You really do forget what Febreeze and deodorant was all about but the visual is something that shocked me. My hair was ratty, i knew that. So I cut it off. All of it. Short now just above my eyes. Makes more sense to me. I am a sleek girl so maybe I will blend in with the other men without the long red hair.

Who would recognize me now? Even if I made my way back home. Who would know me and who would I know. For god’s sake I dont even know me anymore. I am sitting in a dentists waiting room in a sleeping bag surround by homemade C-4. This is real life now. The changes I am forced to make both on myself and those around me. I used to be up all night on my desktop playing Counterstrike with friends. Using weapons and explosives…never would have thought I would be fashioning my own someday. Scary.

Bags under the eyes. Crows feet. Dry skin. Every beauty care commercial you could imagine is happening on my sun blistered face. I don’t feel pretty on any level. The cool thing is though. I really dont need to either. It’s really almost a positive at this point!

Gilbert Hernandez

If you have never danced with a Latin woman, been kissed by a Latin woman and been loved by a Latin woman your heart is clueless, my friend. Enercita was fire. The American boys all used to say the mexican girls were fiery. They fought over boys and loved the whole night long. If only they knew what it was to love a Latin woman. Enercita was my heart. She was everything a good man deserved and more. I couldn’t commit because I wasn’t a good man and she deserved better.

Working all damned night, we would finish up and head to the club. Not the bubbly pop club or tough guy hip hop clubs. No. Enercita wanted no parts of American pop culture after a long day at work. She wanted to dance close and hold one another. Dance Salsa and Meringue until the sun came knocking. If we were off the next day than we would make love well into the morning. I would wake up to the smell of papusas and she would smile at me when I stumbled out into the kitchen.

I was never a one woman man. I worked late. Got drunk and did stupid things for the majority of my life. Enercita knew I would not change and so she held onto me for as long as she could. There really is one person out there for all of us. Not just one person to fall in love with and have a great life. I don’t believe that. But there is one option amongst all those others that if you link up and the time is right your life will be exceptional.

Blew that!

Terrence Howard

Spent most of the day putting together a pack for this trip. Not sure where to go but I have some ideas. The biggest deal will be getting out of here without giving away the shelter. In fact,  getting back could be even tougher at least here I can keep an eye on them. Things are moving slowly up top for our band of thieves but they are persistent. Still not moving on.

I will leave and return in the early morning. These guys like to sleep in. I will have two-way walkie with my wife though I am not sure how the signal will travel from under so much earth or if we will even have a signal by time I get to the end of the block. Either way I am coming back, my daughter will have her medicine.

They have been digging over by a large Elm in my yard it appears something has peaked their interest over there. They are not the bunch of workhorses. Its been two days and between three men they may have dug a three-foot trench about five feet wide. The elm is close to one of our exhaust pipes. It is built into a large rock but if they dig in that direction they could run into the pipe. It would give us away. With me not around it will be up to my wife to make the decision. If they do find something her only option may be to flee in the night as well. With two kids, one sick, it would not be an easy adventure.

Your mind is a wimp!

This will not be an intellectual piece. Though the mind is in the title, it will not be about IQ or intelligence at all really. Instead we will take a look at a part of the mind that is even more powerful. To me its a part of the mind that makes or breaks everyone of us.

‘Your mind is a wimp,’ the words rushed through my head as I blew out another hot breath. I had just passed by the exit to the track at my gym and nearly slowed to a stop. My body was breaking. Too bad I was not finished. It was the tail end of a long workout and I wanted so badly to cut it short.

If you havent brought your body to the breaking point in a while I highly recommend it. A few episodes back on I Am Liberty I spoke about getting in shape. Now I wasn’t just talking out the side of my head I take this very seriously. Bending your idea of what your body is capable is so important. Understand, even if you have spent the last 5 years on your couch eating Anytizers and watcing anime your body is still capable of incredible things.

It all comes down to the mind. If you can bench 250lbs 10 times you are strong, no doubt. But what if you had to do 12 times. Could you? or is your mind a wimp? In order to find out you simply have to bring yourself to your knees with exhaustion. Test your body like you never have and at the point where you can go no further, push no harder or run no faster….you simply do.

Your will power is what this article is about. So many times I have under estimated my body and been surprised. It is simply about putting that little ‘quit’ voice out of your head and pushing through. Think about anything else but your body and you will see the body carry on.

If you listen to your mind it will tell you everything you want to hear. You cant breathe, your heart is beating too fast, and you are so hot that your head is pounding. Just quit. quit. Stop and catch your breath. There is always tomorrow. Finish this later. Just get some water and come back. Whatever you do you have to stop this suffering NOW!

Dont listen to the voice. Finish plus. If you are running three miles and dieing at 2.5 run 3.5. Its a matter of training yourself. Its all about balance. You cannot rely on the mind for all your wisdom as you cannot rely on the body for all your power. You must work in unison to achieve the most from yourself. Knowing when to push the body further is as important as knowing how to put the mind at rest and vice versa.

For me it comes down to a trust issue. I dont trust my mind or my body on its own. The mind moves me to do things I know are wrong just as the body on its own reacts in temper or anger in ways I regret. To balance body and mind is the only way.

This can be applied to any circumstance or trial in life and if our future is as burdened as I believe it is this balance will have huge implications over the rest of your life.

Our World VII

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

The fire in the sky. I don’t often like to think about the fire in the sky.

Connor was so young when the sky turned to fire. The only sure thing is that there was a concussion that followed. I have heard it was a bomb, I have heard other theories. I even heard it was God himself. Who the fuck cares. It killed everyone it touched. We were far enough away that I only saw the flames. It was late in the evening, then suddenly it was mid day. A new sun-scorched the earth and all those around it.

Assuming it was a nuclear bomb. I bundled up Connor and we hit the road fast, against the wind. We lived close to D.C. not Arlington close but close enough that whenever they aired the shows on tv about ‘Nuke Disaster in DC’ I would sweat a bit. So immediately I jumped into a survivalist mode and tried to comb everything important out of my scattered brain. Grabbed some water.

The whole ride I watched the glow in my rearview. To hell with the car seat I pulled Connor over my lap and he slept as we moved Northwest on any back road I could think of. A few weeks we would be away, max. I thought we just needed time to clean up any fallout that could have contaminated our area that far out. It would be one hell of a story to tell at Connors 16th birthday.

Now I just hope we can live to see him turn 6. We are getting better at this thing.

Sharon Kimball

Wow, who would have known making PBX would be so easy?! There is nothing easy anymore. But I guess you can’t drink bleach so people don’t bother to buy that stuff up or hold onto it too much. There is nothing white in this world anyway. Not without at least a little rusty dried blood on it. Though the rubbing alcohol was tough to come by. I sure hope this works out. Give those bastards something real hot to enjoy.

So in the kitchen with Sharon. Today we will be cooking up some locally sourced, free range C-4. Now ladies don’t be intimidated by this recipe we all have a little guerilla deep down inside of us. It is important we nurture that in these tough times. We thought we had it good with the men coming into the kitchen to help out. Emeril made it cool to dawn an apron again. Now, if there is a man in your kitchen, leave the kitchen. I have clever ways of making him leave the kitchen but that is for another day.

Oh man I am losing it. I went down to the barter shop on Terrywood, or whats left of it. This area is ‘patrolled’ if you will to prevent ‘crime’. Basically, it’s just not as much a madhouse as everywhere else. Which is fine. Gives a girl a sense of security to have a man with a .308 a couple of stories above her head. Anyhow gave up a beat down pair of toddler shoes for a broken radio controlled airplane. I just want the remote and the sensor. Not building a drone. hahah.

Lets just say I want to be at a safe distance from the action. If this little recipe of mine is a hit!

Terrence Howard

My baby girl is sick. She is als 10 so I dont know how much of a baby girl she is anymore. I am Daddy and from what I can see so far she will always be my baby girl. Being down here we are in a bit of a germ hole. Of course I have stocked up on cough medicines and most medications. Fever with cough though. I think she may need an antibiotic.

Our friends are still up top. They know something. There is a larger man in a big wool coat that has been carrying the laptop around for two days. He is onto our scent. Still we are too deep to even give him a whiff. The eye in the sky is always watching them. They all sleep at night. Silly. No one watches the perimeter. I have infrared on the camera and I have yet to see anyone watching the area. Thay’s a good sign. Means my neighborhood must be faring well or else they would be on a stronger defense. Unless of course they are just that clueless.

If I have to go up for meds I will go at night. Though leaving them will be so hard. It may have to come to that. These guys look like amateurs. I havent seen them eat in at least a day so I am sure they are getting desperate too. Still baby girl keeps coughing. and I am not even sure where to find antibiotics anymore.

Gilbert Hernandez

Terry “Bam Bam” Hanson. Who the hell would name their little boy Terry? That’s my next opponent. I am not getting cocky though. This one might come to town with a full belly. Fighting is much different in our world now. The old saying, ‘hope he had a big lunch,’ has all kinds of meaning nowadays. Either way I am gonna manage my food so I can eat well a few days before. Try and stay good and hydrated till the fight. Stretch. All those important things.

Winning means eating. I want to win, want to eat more. At night though I am left wondering. What’s next. Is there something more. Work is still  work. No matter how bad things are. We are still earning. Sure this is about survival as well but my eyes come from another time. A time when we looked to the future, to the bigger better.

What is my bigger better? I need things. I want things. Not tattoos and cars like I used too. I want things like affection and warmth. I want one damned person to look at me as more than a resource. You know, it’s not until money is gone do you realize all the things it couldn’t provide.

Men v.s Wild

I live in the beautiful state of Virginia, Population: 8,001,024. We have a great community of outdoorsman that care for the land. I am one of them. We love to fish and hunt. I personally really enjoy the ageless feeling of touching base with nature and enjoying all it offers. Among this group are some of the most practiced and well-trained survivalist. These guys can create great snare traps and weapons from mere twigs and rubble. Still, imagine social calamity and a time when food would become scarce. Imagine, just for a second, a large segment of that population loading rifles and hunting to survive.

We are talking sheer chaos here. The toll that this would take on the land would be devastating. I spoke with Andrew J. Jackson or he spoke of the hunting grounds of his midwest hometown

Our goose and deer populations are still in recovery from the original great depression when much of the community turned to forest for food

It is simply not realistic. The friendly fire casualties would be through the roof. Not to mention the amount of wildlife would simply not sustain such a large and growing population. I cant even see the forests being able to support such a great need for fire wood from such a large group come the cold Northern Winters.

I can appreciate learning your bushcraft and survival skills but what it comes down to is there are simply too many of us to live off the land like Survivorman. How could we forage for wild edibles? All 8,000,000,000 of us. What are the odds of setting a snare up overnight and it not being robbed by an insomniac.

Instead we must consider some home preparations, mobile preps and as I always say the ability to support and protect your community. T.V survivalists are incredibly skilled individuals but the ability to survive off the bounty of the earth for one many is a much different adventure than for 1,000,000,000. It will take us time to build these relationships but it is important to go to your community meetings and push for community activities and emergency plans.

Not discounting these skills in any way. The ability to stay alive in an emergency situation is ultra valuable. Being able to manipulate raw materials and create fire is such an important skill and one that surely could save lives. I just want everyone to realize that it is simply not the answer to situation facing such massive needs. The resources will simply not be there. It will a stark reality check when the population comes to understand it is not the earths responsibility to keep us alive. When in fact it is just the opposite.

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