Our World XXVIII

Our World XXVIII

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Kurtis O-horz

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World.

Kurtis O’Leary

So a new threat has reared its head to us. We survived yet again. Though I feel we are getting further and further away from fates clenching teeth. Of course we are never completely safe. There is just too much we don’t know about the world out there. Our feet could in fact be trotting on what once was America. Was there a take over and are we the sole resistance? Knowledge is power in a world with plentiful resources. In our world knowledge just could be the difference between life and death.

Randel gave my son a potassium iodide tablet since dear old dad ran him out of the house when the alert started going off. Just to be safe ya know. I feel like we belong here. Something guided us here. You know how I feel about enigmatic forces but somethings are just too perfect. We will survive here. There are kids here, probably a small school-house or home transformed into such. The opportunities are just endless now. These were things I couldn’t even think about before. My son doesn’t even have the building blocks to start reading. He would have grown up illiterate simply because survival was always priority one.

I guess I should cry tonight. My mother told me a mans own tears could make him strong. Not true. Your anger and frustration make you strong. Your stubborn will make you strong. I will read to Connor tonight. The family who left here moved on in a hurry and, fortunately, they left some children’s books. I can take the first steps towards getting him ready for some level of normalcy. What a feat to survive this. If we do make it. What a man my son will become.

Terrence Howard

Trash. Over the years before this disaster we used to ship a lot of our “trash” to China. Particularly electronics. They used our trash to build and learn from. To turn a profit and build industrialized cities. Then they polluted their air and water supplies beyond belief and well, that could have been one of the reasons for the events. Who knows. The fact is for a brief time China saw incredible growth at the hands of utilizing others waste.

The trash dances up and down the streets.  Through the moonlight it comes to life and marches the streets. Dancing with the breeze and kicking up old memories. You see brands and stars that once ruled this world. We hung on their every word for our trends and purchases. Now they all could be dead. It wouldn’t matter in the least what brand they were wearing now. Such sheep we were.

Today we are searching for our own diamonds in the rough. Newspapers and old papers. The planting season is coming we need to start our seedlings. A simple way to make great little seed starters is by blending up a paper and water mix to make a hard paste. Since we have no blender or electricity we will take on the arduous task of tearing all the paper we find into small pieces. There are a lot of hours in the day and this will probably be more fun than it ever should be. Once you have created your thick paste you want to place it into some sort of cup-shaped mold. We are going to use muffin tins. We will sit them by the fire for a couple of days and fill them with topsoil and some compost. It will be nice to eat something other than rehydrated vegetables. 

Sharon Kimball

To the East. I will press on once this nightmare is over. You know I am not even sure how to end this. There are simply not enough resources to keep these people alive outside of this situation. I couldn’t be responsible for a school full of drug addicted women and children. I dont have the equipment to handle withdraw symptoms or the knowledge for that matter. So even if I become the “hero” and chase off these monsters most of these folks will die anyway. How do you make decisions like this?

Back to Richmond. Things have to be a little calmer back home. Well the population was much smaller at least. You know people died so it will be comfy. Maybe some breathing room. Then again, do I even understand my goals anymore? I feel like I am doing things simply to do them. Making plans with no real purpose. Oh well. There are no careers or family goals to meet in our world now anyhow. So a mindless trek across the nation will be an adventure if nothing else. Although a dangerous one.

Today however. I will be very productive. They have had plenty time to let their guard down and as we speak it is 11:20 am. They feed their cattle at 12 and in the cafeteria a large amount of explosives will rock the Western corridor of the school. It’s in the bottom of an oven. You see they all get together and eat first around 11:00 the cattle get the leftovers. Monsters! Well today lunch will include a little more than what the menu entails. I simply cant wait to feel these walls shiver.

Gilbert Hernandez

Its been weeks since the last fight. The streets are alive about the tanks showing up. There isn’t much else going on.

Where does a man of my abilities go from here? I cook but food is scarce and when you get your hands on it often times it goes down as is. I fight but with no one to fight I am simply a thug and a thug among hundreds. Dan and I are trying not to be complacent. It’s almost a detriment to have a friend these day. Just another guy to keep alive. You can look at it that way. Gotta share food. I don’t want to think this way but  I cant help but be concerned with the dwindling food supply

Dan Tran said his father used to grow bamboo for sale. I told him if you can’t eat it people wont like it. It took us a few days and arguments to realize that we had the knowledge to protect the people from themselves. I knew all to well about the levels of horror a human will go to in times like these. I was a sub-human and lived high on the hog for it. Too bad for morality.

We could teach the people to protect themselves. We both have the knowledge of combat and well I know the moves the criminals make.


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