Our World XXV

Our World XXV

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Kurtis O-horz

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World.

Kurtis O’Leary

I had seen one of these little alarms before but wasnt sure where. It was obvious that it still worked I just wasnt sure what it meant or if it had been malfunctioning. When I pulled it out of the drawer and the beep persisted it even became more consistent. This frightened me. It was in that moment that I called for Connor. He came running inside with his hands on his ears. He was wide awake now…and frightenend. “Whats wrong dad?”

What a generation that would come out of this chaos. You know there is something to be said about the trials you face in your early years and how it builds you through the rest of life. If adversity created great people than I could rest easy knowing that, given the chance, my son could rebuild and improve what America once was. It was ideals and morality and hard work that made us great. Lost sight of that at some point.

I told him I had no idea what was going on. Part of me was panicking and that same familiar fight or flight instinct was taking over. There was another part of me, however small that said this was just a useless piece of malfunctioning plastic. Two things happened next almost exactly at the same time. I heard beeps coming from outside of our home and I heard foot steps inside of it.

Adrenaline pulsed through me and I moved like lightning to Connor. I turned my body into iron around him. My last reason for pressing on and no one would take that away. The steps grew louder and a muffled voice called up the steps. Almost like someone talking through a mask. We backed up deeper into the room as I scoured it for weapons. Reaching the door way now I saw the silhouette of a tall man in a full body suit with a hood and gas mask. What the hell is going on now!
Terrence Howard

The caches are hung and completely invisible just as I planned. You know unless you knew what you were looking for and where to look there is no way you could find those things. You really have to find things to bide your time nowadays. I was always a busy body around the house anyway but I will tell you I enjoyed catching a baseball game on the couch as much as the next man. Thats not an option anymore. Oh well. Productivity will reign.

We have been burning a ton of wood. To keep, you dont realize how much wood you need. So we are keeping at it. I did not want to pollute my land with all the ash as spring will be here before long and I have great plans for producing food off the land. This was a dilemma. Now it is good to add some ash to your soil it works similar to lime in your garden in the off season. I had to dig deep for an answer and I came up with producing some home-made lye.

I think the girls would have fun using it to produce soaps and decorating them. The process is fairly simple. I am going to utilize an old wooden wash barrel I found in the basement. Fill the bottom with rocks, gravel and dry brush or sand then fill it about half way with water and the rest of the way with hardwood ashes. This mixture I have to soak for three days and then drain out the lye from the bottom. The rocks and hay act as a filter. I need to find some gloves and maybe a glass jug though. This stuff is caustic and will burn you up.

Sharon Kimball

The next day moved fast and without incident.  I spent most of the day sneaking around and exploring the building. Of course the halls were busy and the search was on for shooter. I was on the move so much that I knew I was in no real danger. I found a few rooms and even a quiet basement backroom. The key to this would be to never get too comfortable. If I set up shop anywhere they would wait for me to return.

I would be almost fluid. What did Bruce Lee say about water it is the softest stuff on earth but it can penetrate rock. Never in one spot but always somewhere. Still, even with this great philosophical plan. I would have to get some damned lead. I needed bullets for this gun or else I would be bludgeoning one at a time. That sounds like a lot of work to me. Especially since I am no Bruce Lee when it comes to hand to hand combat. If you block your groin and cover your eyes I am basically looking to pull hair.

It would take a few days for it to calm down. I wanted them to get comfortable again. Believe that I was gone and they could go back to their “business.” This wouldnt take long. We werent dealing with deep thinkers here. I am sure a few drinks and some hookers and they would forget all about their little visitor. Thats when I would hit them. Much harder this time and much more calculated.

Gilbert Hernandez

Did we force this world to be. All of the death, pain and loss, was this simply a product of our being. At best our society was controlled chaos with a think filament of resources separating us from the scavenging animals we looked down upon. This became super apparent on the day the tanks rolled in. I watched in awe with Dan by my side as the day took shape. The hordes of people began to surround the tanks and quiet wonder turned into furious discontent.

The crowd wanted! It wasnt even sure what it wanted but it wanted something. An answer, a drink, anything; it demanded something. Within minutes the crowd turned into a mob. Reverting back to angry primates they hurled things at the tanks. I wished I was back in the ring. I would rather get punched in the face than watch our race plummet to this level. One of the tanks opened its latch and a man attempted to reason with the crowd. They pulled him and his partner from the vehicle and the two of them disappeared into the mob. Dead no doubt..if they were lucky.

It was in that moment and the few that followed that I realized we were all driven to this by our incredible burning desire for more. More of anything. More and better. The resources of the world couldnt keep up with our needs. Do you understand the statement I just made. We have pillaged an entire planet and reached a point where we have exhausted its ability to meet our needs.

Two shots screamed through the air and the mob ducked and quieted down. It was then that the tanks rolled on. A man from the middle tank hopped from his position and manned the abandoned tank. He shot the two people who were sitting in his way. The tanks rolled on. No answers. Now commodities. We our simply back to Our World.



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