Our World XXII

Our World XXII

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Kurtis O-horz

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

Out scouring over the abandoned homes for food I ran into Randle. A man older than me and wiser. He lives in this “community” as well. He told me something that blew my mind. In this development of about 100 homes there are 45-50 families most of whom move in the night for resources. This was news to me because we have seen no one or heard nothing in the two weeks that we have been here. So strange how they move nearly undetected through the streets at night. Guess thats the point.

Anyway they meet every week in the largest home in the development at the back of the development near the woods. Right by the path that Connor and I took into this place. Randle said if we want to be apart of this community ‘be there when we get there at sundown.’  This could be a golden opportunity. My little boy has learned to work hard for everything he has and will be a valuable asset here. I am proud of that.

Randle was welcoming but stern. I would excpect nothing less from a man who has seen the things he probably has seen. For some reason this is working for this community. I would like to find out why. I just hope we can be as helpful to them as they expect. It sucks being a loner. It has to be wearing on me mentally, not that I have time to tell. Connor would do well to have some friends too. He deserves that if I can give him nothing else in this world.

Sharon Kimball

Old pipe, Guitar string, and a large shard of glass wrapped in layers of duct tape. The glass knife is probably my favorite. I kinda came up with that from some materials I found while out back of the school last night. There were no patrols outside as far as I could see. That scared me. It meant that the prisoners were so doped up they werent even concerned with them running. Queasy in the stomach again.

The guitar string is very personal. I might save that for someone I really dont like. Strangulation must be very hard. Especially someone bigger than you. I could see myself failing miserably as I rolled the coiled string around in my fingers. Still, you can never have too many weapons. The stun gun I probably wouldnt rely on again. The battery has to be getting low

The old pipe fit just right in my hand. It was comfortable. When the first armed guard headed down the hall by my guitar closet housing I grasped it tight. I peered right at him through a crack in the door. I felt terrified….for him. I could see him as clear as day and he was completely oblivious. He held some sort of rifle in his arms, it looked like a M4A1 Carbine. I told you I was a Counterstrike gal. Anyhow I hit him with the pipe so hard it may have fractured a bone in my. Bullseye right above the left temple out cold or dead. Add one M4 to my armory.

Gilbert Hernandez 

We made it out of the blaze in one piece. We ran into a mob swinging chairs on our way out. Dan took a bit of a beating but we got outta there. The worst part was neither of us got our winnings. We made it out but now we are out of  a job for the moment.

After a fight, especially a long drawn out one, you are just busted. Your whole body is hurt. Nearly every part of the body is at least a little achy. Now when you also get tagged up by an angry mob, well, you are out of it all together.

It takes time to learn to enjoy the company of someone who you have been devoting months of your life to taking out. Dan told me he had no place to go. He was in bad shape and I respect the guy too much as a fighter to let him go hungry and homeless to recover. So we been shacked up for a few days now. I guess we are just waiting for that call to finish the third round.

Terrence Howard

Many drifters are moving into the homes around us. I am happy to see the dynamic of many of the groups. I see a lot of children. As the weather gets cold I think people are hunkering down. I watched another neighbor of mine break into a home just a block from his own. I thought of myself. His house must have been overtaken as mine was. The only thing that bothers me is he is alone.

There is a thought in my mind that perhaps his house is inhabited but not by mirauders. Not even welcoming  strangers. Something even worse may inhabit his home. Memories. There is only one reason he would be without his family. That reason being because he has to be. He has no choice in the matter. Cuz in times like these if you had the choice you would spend this time with family.

Everyday I thank God. For where I am in this world in Our World. I ask him, if nothing else, to keep us together. Sometimes not to be alone is enough to get along. I do not believe death is right answer. I do not believe my family is being forced to suffer through this. I believe my girls have such a great opportunity at their feet. To build this country back. And I believe they will. 



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