Our World XX

Our World XX

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Kurtis O-horz

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

We built a society that was so fuzzy and cuddly. Our debt fattened government had the ability to police the world. We allowed the government to take our comfort into their hands. It was good. Fun to watch at times. We were dumbed down. They made sure we could afford TVs large enough that they could become our world. When we got upset they knocked a few fucking cents off the gas price.

It was my generation. Or maybe my fathers generation. Really it was just the fathers. They forgot to tell the kids why America is great. Our babies were born wrapped in warm towels and learned to expect everything of the world while bristling at any expectations of themselves.  They were coddled, told they could do what they wanted and if it feels good it cant be bad.

The world knew our condition and like a pack of wolves our enemies struck as soon as we broke eye contact. The moment  we had to concentrate our efforts at home the world around us fell apart. Then..when they felt emboldened enough they came knocking. Not with soldiers but with bombs. Big bombs that we thought would never make it onto American soil. So what now. Balance. My sons generation will be forced to be tough. In order to survive. The cycle continues.

Gilbert Hernandez

Dan Tran. What a night!  My excitement has to be muddled though. You see I guess at this present moment I am unemployed. I am sore and resting. Now I did not get fired. Well ahhah. Interesting choice of words

At the end of the second round people were getting wild. Something about the energy in that building from the start was just tangible. There were fights in the parking lot even before the fight! This had me on a whole ‘nother level too.  I knew that this 60 second break between rounds wouldn’t be long enough for him to recover. He took me down late in the round and got to half guard. I pushed out and quickly took his back. He was in trouble and he knew it. I could feel him panic. He was gassed. Rolling quickly into my mount to protect his neck he was wide open. I caught him over the forehead with a slicing elbow. He was wide open. Blood everywhere.

I was ready to dull out the punishement when the bell rung. It was like the blood pushed the crowd over the edge.

Terrence Howard

There was a time, before all of this, when we had it all. I remeber laying in my bed. Still a young man with my wife by my side. The kids were in bed. My youngest was a newborn. It was the holiday season and the windows were frosted on the cars down the street but we were warm. I turned to my wife and kissed her on the cheek. I asked her, ” If it never gets any better than this could you be happy?”
She replied “yes,” and kissed me back
” I am implying that it could get much worse.”

I saw through the haze of easy living, cheap fuel and all the trinkets to go along with it. We were both young but she was lost in the same ‘forever sucess’ most of the country was. I started packing, saving and storing. I would buy an extra at the market each week. then two, then three. Whenever we were at a big box store I bought one of those 3-4 dollar cases of water. It looked like gold to me!

To most I was crazy. Today I am ready. Hopefully tomorrow it will pay off  and I will be alive.

Sharon Kimball

I recognized Shea Middle School as I ran through the halls. I did some repair work in Shea. The limited knowledge did not help me much. I could here the two uglies getting up and panting. The stunned one fell back down. I was hoping that it would have stopped his heart. When I looked back I saw only one chasing me. Unfortunately they were not the only badies runnig through this place. I had to find a place to hide.

Down through some shop classes and a music hallway. I ran. Gassed the big man was leaving more and more distance between us. Apparently carrying all that extra muscle is worthless without some conditioning to keep it up and going. MUSIC CLOSET. The words hit me like a brick and my shoes squeaked as I stopped almost Bugs Bunny style. This would have to do.

The closet was filled with mostly acoustic guitars. A few horns and some things that would all make noise. I wanted to do my best to stop all movements. I had to let things cooldown. I would just sit here and rest a bit. So hungry, thirsty. I think I saw a water fountain a few feet from the closet. It would be a stupid move right now but hey thats me!

Escapes to hide in the boiler room. Realizes they all have to die or she will die with them. She will start killing soon.


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