Our World XVII

Our World XVII

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Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

Settling into this place. Connor and I have a warm home with no furniture but a fireplace. I havent actually burned any wood yet. Just kinda worried about someone smelling or seeing it now. In the woods its different ya know. I know there are eyes off in the distance. I hear people probing the streets at night. Though, this run down development doesn’t really attract many. It only takes one group of maniacs looking for some fun to ruin your life….trust me.

We will hunker down here till Spring. Food gets tougher to come by each year especially in the Winter. This year will be no different. I will have to make runs. In this home I am very confident we will survive this thing. Like I have said before I do not know the grand scale of damage done but I have to believe there is a man out there somewhere who is figuring out how do defibrillate our nation.

I found some books in the attic of this home. I can concentrate on teaching Connor the basics. It is now our responsibility to teach our own children. I heard of communities that offer schooling but like I said before. Most do not want outsiders. I want my son to have some kind of life. We can’t spend the rest of our time running from everyone else who looks like us!

Gilbert Hernandez

Split decision! haha. That guy kicked my ass! Dan Tran whipped my ass. I cant even move today. Ay Dios! He was a little guy ya know. Smallish build shorter than me even. I went in there like some sort of Vato Loco and tried to muscle the guy. He was a wizard at using my own power against me. I would jab from a distance, see an opening and when I took it with a straight right he would put me on my back. They forgot to mention, along with his brilliant jits, Dan Tran was a master at Judo. Sore on top of sore.

I lost. Plain and simple. The crowd, probably those who bet on me, called it a split decision but it was clearly a beating. I feel every bit of it today. Dan Tran had all the answers. Like I said I am in wicked pain but I am also terribly excited. You see the crowd wanted more than time would allow. I will be hungry this week. Well, not really I kind of stowed some food away.

The rematch. Ol’ Gil is not out of the lime light yet. We gave them just what they wanted and now well, they want more. So we both get 4 weeks to heal up and some how I have to find a way to get better. There is just a lot of ground to cover with this guy. That is what is so exciting. Something new. Something to game plan for. You know for all of the bad I have done since our world has changed. To be able to find a new passion amongst the burning rubble of this town is such a blessing.

Terrence Howard

We took the home. It went quiet and easy due to my own recon and my families unbridled patience and trust. I was very happy the way things went. We were hunkered down in the cold for a few nights. My kids wanted to run into the warm house but I told them in our world we must move slowly, cautiously in everything we do. Second guess each decision we make.

I do this to keep us together and keep us safe. It’s not easy being dad. I used to cook when I was home. So they all expect dinner out of me anyway. I made sure that I would never be out of answers in that department. Did I go to far? By building the shelter and stocking it with food. A lot of people would say yes. Way to far. That was before. Now they are all kicking themselves.

Can you call me Nostradamus? Of course not. My actions were the culmination of brilliant research, common sense and as much chance as the lottery. As much chance that was involved there was also a watchful eye. I knew this land couldnt sustain the debt it was raising or hungry mouths that depended on it. When the wars started it seems our egg timer was set to buzz at any moment. Thats when I went underground. Now I thank God everyday that I made that decision.

Sharon Kimball

Big Ugly and Dumb Dirty both had a hold of me. Without hesitation the guy in front of me thrust a straight right hand into my face. No hesitation. I felt the blood and the warm hum of the blow. Then the realization that they may think I am a boy or they didnt give a shit what I was and that I was going to die. Hopefully sooner than later. It took a moment to realize that my head had snapped back into Dumb Dirty’s nose as well. His grip loosened.

I was hesitant to run. I have long legs but these guys looked in much better shape than me. Especially from a nutritional stand point. I have been scraping the barrel for some time now. Prickly pear only gets you so far. Though I had adrenaline on my side. I took the opportunity to pull my hands free and drip another knee into Big Ugly.  He went down and I took off.

There was just one big man chasing me. I hoped he didnt know his way around like I did. I cut through alleys and pulled debris in his path. Just like you see in the movies. The funny thing was this worked much better than I expected. This man was no ballerina. He must have fallen twice in our short sprint and before I knew it I was alone. Still running at quite a pace but ready to disappear into my home. I rounded the corner to where I have been staying and there was another bigger guy waiting at my doorstep. How the hell could they have known who I was and where I lived?



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