Our World XVI

Our World XVI

November 21, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

We found the developement. After my the night with the inferno we headed on through an industrial park that led into woods. These woods were quiet and absolutely ripped apart. Its seems the gathering of fire wood over the months had really ripped the forest up. This gave me hope that perhaps they abandoned the area. SO much is still the same. We gobble up all the resources and move on. These are tough times but we simply aren’t making any progress as a race of people.

So many Democratic civilizations have fallen before our own. We had the fuckin blueprint and instead we wiped our ass with it and wound up in the same boat as the rest of them. I think that it is just our limit as a society of people. We simply reach a level where temptation to manipulate the system for our gain and those in the system take advantage. Better yet, it is just our animal instinct. We want to better ourselves more than better the collective. Now what is the right damned thing to do. You tell me.  Maybe its the human ego. We don’t mind helping others but damned if we help them enough to get ahead of us.

It’s too late now anyway. Why take the time to figure it out. So that America 2 can be born and the vicious cycle will continue. You know. I am just tired of all this thinking. I see why philosophy was so big in the days passed. When there isn’t shit to do at the end of the day and sleep alludes you. Thinking is all thats left. To our credit the human mind does tend to almost automatically seek out problems to solve. I guess we just spend too much time and effort solving the wrong ones.

Terrence Howard

The place we have been watching is basically in one or two situations. Either it is empty and abandoned. This I am hopeful for. Or there are people so well hunkered down inside that they are nearly invisible. No light to cook, no squeaking floorboards and I have even stayed up one whole night. One 24 hour session just to be sure.

We will go inside tomorrow. I will go inside first. The girls will remain hidden. Our world was quiet yesterday so we walked to the outskirts of our town. There sits a large office building that I knew would be quiet. We thought about staying there but the place was a little too conspicuous. People seemed to have forgotten how quickly we ran home. How quickly this all took place. There was medications, lunches, cell phones and everything else you could imagine in the desk drawers of that office.

We ate good on energy bars and warm sodas. Slept on the top floor office after we barricaded the doors up. A chance to stretch the feet out and relax a.  bit. You see when we woke up there were people walking on the streets below. Then I realized it was time to go. You can’t be too careful these days. One slip up and you will hate yourself forever. Trust me, just a few days ago I was moments from it.

Gilbert Hernandez

Dan Tran is just one week from getting the brakes beat off of him. No. I am just kidding. I do not like to go into a fight with that mindset. That is how people get beat. Dan Tran has a background in jiu jitsu and fights with a tough muay thai style. Throws shins and knees around. I cant afford to get caught with something like that. You see there are no contracts there are no interim fighters. If I get hurt fighting or training there is a good chance I wont be back in the ring. I am the hot hand right now but that means nothing if I disappear for a week.

So I have been working on my ground game. I try not to think too much about the bad. I will ride this thing out as long as I can. It could be a while it could be till next week. Either way I will enjoy it.

Things arent getting better around town. People are still passing. The pool of fighters is getting huge now. Will fight for food. That is an opportunity. No one knows or cares where it comes from. Can’t be a good place but hey its food. Water is becoming increasingly scarce. I am scared about that. It could be a good business to get into. Maybe purifying water on a large scale. Just dont know how to monitor radiation levels and other contaminants. Thoughts for another day.

Sharon Kimball

How do you find a particular street rat? How do you discern one short-haired dirty human from another? Unfortunately I was far to high on victory to figure it out. You bait them..with just the kind of bait that particular rat likes. I have been baited and now. I am wanted.

Yesterday I pulled up on that bus nice and quietly. It was empty. No driver this time. So I snuck around the area moving closer to the bus and keeping an eye on the world around me. I was being cautious but my previous victory may have bolstered my confidence a bit much. I was being cocky, not as careful as I was last time. I loaded her up with a few charges and was making my way back into hiding. When I rounded the building where I left my bag containing the rest of the explosives and my detonator I was met by two men. Hulking men with a thick frown across both of their faces. One reached his hand out to grab me. Knee jerk reaction I thrust right into his groin. I felt hands come through both of my arms and clasp behind my back.

The rat was caught….

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