Our World XV

Our World XV

November 18, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

The fire is huge tonight. Since my last entry we have hiked about three quarters of the way to the suburb I had in mind. We came across another but it was full of trash, exriment and dead people. Losts of dead people. Told my son they were tired. Good thing is he was dead tired so he didnt question that line too much. We had to get out of there quick as I heard some movement in the homes. It made me scared to wander into this haven I have been considering.

We are against a  rockface tonight. Cooking. I made a fire that is just enourmous. A complete inferno coming directly from the pits of hell. Though outside of this oven it is icy cold. The weather turned quick and we are seeing colder and colder nights. Cold is a relative term. Especially when you have no structure around you. Nights in the low sixties are just incredibly ugly if accompanied by wind. 50’s and be downright deadly. No chance in chilling us tonight. I made sure of that.

Never really knew the elements till now. No respect for the weather. Rain or shine I had the protection and security of my home. Oh how things have changed. I have had to make friends with the wind and clouds. Learn from them and understand when it is time to bundle up, get the fire going or take cover. The rain now dictates my day. You just can’t afford to be wet in this world. If there is no safe shelter. I feel like this transition is burning my mind out.

Sharon Kimball

I don’t dream much any more. Mostly  just close my eyes and wake up with my hands over may face. I feel like is simply not enough security for my body to allow itself deep enough into my subconscious. I could use a good dream. I warm batch scented with lavender, half full with water and the other frothed up with bubbles. Darius. There is just no time for pleasure in our world. Not even time to think about it.

The reason I bring this up is because last night as the sun lowered in the sky I was sneaking back to my “home” to get the nights fire going. Have you ever had that nightmare that you wake up from over and over but you are still stuck in its clutches. I saw that same damned, hellish bus creeping down the boulevard last night. Now it could not  have been the exact same bus but I bet the source is the same.

No worries. I will just blow that one sky high too. Gives me something to do during the day. If its full of degenerates then they will go too. This is not something that can go on any longer. I have more explosives than they have gas or buses I can assure that. Its just so sick to me that they are back at it so fast. But hey some people just don’t care didn’t in the last world and sure don’t here. Hopefully I can OPEN THEIR EYES to it.

Terrence Howard

Initially we kept within our neighborhood. Looked for homes close to ours that have been abandoned. I packed a tremendous three person, three day pack so we wont have to return to the shelter for a little while. We found a little sky blue home with navy blue shutters down a hill off the road deepest in our development. No cars in the drive, but that meant nothing.

You know I have encountered some bad guys in my short time out here. Some tough guys. They wanted things from me but I have been dealing with those guys my whole life, just different faces. Weak minds ya know. Driven by material desires. Their will breaks fast. Shine the right sized gun and most times they back off. Better yet grab a hold of the right joint, apply a little pressure and these guys squirm.

What really scares me is Dad and Mom. You know hunkered down with a family to protect. I know what its like to be on that side. I also know that there is nothing more dangerous than a parent protecting their child. That being said we have to go about this things very carefully. I will do a thorough recon before we enter the home. give it at least a day to search for activity. Its the safest thing we can do.

Gilbert Hernandez

If there were to be a championship fight in our underground yet mainstream fighting ring. I say that cuz it feels so underground but really there is nothing underground anymore. Our world is the mainstream and there is no paid off media to argue that. Anyhow back to the point. This next fight would be for the belt, if there were a belt. Young, scrappy new comer Gilbert “the survivor” Hernandez against the local favorite Dan “bam bam” Tran.

Don’t know if that’s his nickname but it works. Those lengthy day dreams with intricate details really help you get through those final reps on that last mile. I am getting so strong now. I realize as a fighter I eat better than 90% of the population that’s left. It makes me feel guilty sometimes. It also makes me feel like a prized horse or something. I know I am eating because I am winning and if I lose they may as well take me out to the field and put me down.

So I got this girl home last night. Girls are different now. They are not as clean and beautiful as they were before. The trinkets of faking beauty are all gone so what you get is what you see. This girl was beautiful naturally. Long dark hair, big brown eyes that looked deep into my twisted soul. We start mixing it up and she takes off her shirt. The girl was nothing but bones! I stopped her dead in her tracks and made her eat. Maybe I am not such a bad guy after all…


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    Is it possible this story can keep getting better? It looks like it is doing just that. Keep up the great work!

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