Our World XIX

Our World XIX

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Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

All of my life my father told me how a great America was. He used visuals that made this easy for me to understand. We had the ability, based on our ability to do basically anything our heart desired. I don’t know if he meant the Americans or America on a whole. Either way this was what he believed and to be honest it is also what I believed and still believe.

In the late 90’s and especially moving into the 2000’s it became hip to hate America. Both inside and out of the country. We were bullies, fat, loud, excessive, and militarily overbearing.  Simple minded dim wits after  just what could be gained personally from each situation. The world would be better off with out us right?

Funny. When the dollar died and our people were crushed with inflation it was our time. Our radical way of life was coming to an end. It is funny to think how in just a couple of years, without the bullies around, pretty much the whole damned world went to war! No one likes expectations, rules, responsibilities and especially the possibility that anyone could be better than them. To the world that’s all America was. They forgot about the billions in aid, the hordes working in countries all over the world to make things better. They forget how that big ugly military base  on the outskirts of town kept bigger uglier military bases from being built on your front lawn. America was great,  not perfect.

Terrence Howard

The tabby was quite a friend after a couple of weeks. He was hesitant but always come close when it was time to eat. You know I was a little hesitant about building that relationship between my girls and an animal. If things got hot and we had to get out of here I would have to tear them from yet another joy in life. One more mouth to feed is just not good planning. For now however I like to watch them play together.

We were never a big animal family. We did not keep pets around. It’s funny how this new world is so good at revealing things to you. Things that the previous world didnt allow time for. Amidst the horror and pain our world provides it allots time to enjoy things. Time like no working family could ever have. There are always positives. We are happy, healthy and not hungry. I plan on keeping it that way.

This may be our home for the winter. I have a feeling our “guests” will be hunkering down in our actual home. It wouldn’t make much sense for them to head out and search of greener pastures in the dead of winter. Then again I have seen some questionable actions out of that camp. I will return in about a week to do recon and grab some more food.

Sharon Kimball

“Run away,” I kicked and screamed in their arms. They wouldn’t fall for the same tactics as before. Still I fought wildly. I would at least try. If I could get my hands free there would be a little surprise for them. You dont think a girl goes out in this kind of world with just her fists to protect her do you? They were bleeding and that made me happy. It also made them mad so they neglected to frisk me. So lucky.

My cry was met by groups of eyes moving up from their food. Frighteningly empty eyes. Bloodshot. A young boy who was close to the door walked slowly towards the entrance of the cafeteria.  My heart sank. He had clear track marks on his arms. They were zombies. Beholden to some sort of injected drug. whether it be heroin or something cooked up in the kitchens back there. I wanted to cry but it would blur my vision. I wanted to hurt someone and there was no time for blurred vision.

I drove my foot into Big Ugly’s instep. Between the adrenaline rush and the fury it wobbled him a little. They used to call me tiny wrists. I slipped loose no problem. Tucked behind my belt along my back I keep a reasonably strong stun gun. I bent in half and drove it into my other escorts chest. Turned and ran but not away. Deeper into this cavern of nightmares. I couldn’t leave them. I had to find more. I had to help them.

Gilbert Hernandez

Weeks before the fight. Sparring more. Eating less.


run 5 miles


strength work
hit mitts


Jits training
(gotta be ready for him this time)

Lists make things seem normal. I write all of these familiar words down. A schedule of familiar activities. It makes me feel like we aren’t all slowly going extinct.



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