Our World XIII

Our World XIII

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Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

Will we rebuild? This is the question that blows through my mind on nights like these. Nights when Connor is asleep and the stars are just staring at me. Like hundreds of hungry eyes. Staring at me and waiting for answers. I have no FUCKING IDEA if we will every rebound from this. STOP STARING AT ME!

There are just so many variables. I don’t even know what things look like 10 miles away. So who’s to say what’s going on 100 miles down the road or 1000 miles across the globe. With the limited scope of information no one could make that kind of assumption. I have enough to worry about day to day without the toils of rebuilding a society.

We the people, right? It is up to us to forge the nation once again. Carrying that thought downfield leads me to all kinds of doubts. Do you remember what people were like before our world? No skills or real knowledge. Our biggest leaps in the last 40 years were all technological. We could build cities and slay zombies with our fingertips. Ask someone to snap a pic of you and your little boy and you’d get the most polite ‘go to hell’ look you could imagine. Its everyman for himself now. Sorry stars but tonight that’s all I got.


Gilbert Hernandez

Randall and Ward have been doin right by me. I have fought twice since getting involved with them. No losses.  I felt like sort of like a rookie quarterback where the coach puts you in but your first two plays you just hand off the ball. They have felt me out now and I am sure the man they put me in with next will be a banger. I ain’t worried but I will prepare. I am starting to understand my strengths and weaknesses as a fighter.

From here on it’s about winning. I mean what else do we have in our world now. Love is but a blip on my screen. Though that is the way to a future and probably the way back to any sort of civilization I just don’t see it for a guy like me. Short-sighted? Probably but for now I can use all this extra testosterone.

I have not felt better than this in some time. Not so much emotionally but physically I am in great shape. As funny as this sounds, with all the eating, I may be in the best physical shape of my life. In times when people are starving to death. It’s just being out of the restaurant food and eating rice and healthy shit. I mean people grow a lot of produce now. Have too. Some things in our world force us to be better than we were in the previous.

Terrence Howard

The night is staring me down. It took most of the day to check both rendezvous points again. Where else would they have gone. The only thing I can think is that they struck out to find medicine. Though I specifically said if we were to separate to meet at specific points. It is cold and the streets are alive today. I have seen so many more people on the street than in days past.

I fear the worse but I will continue between rendezvous points. There has to be a reason why they aren’t here. There are just so many variable in our world now. I can’t get the idea out off my head. There is so much evil that got left behind by the disasters. You would think for the world to take such a hit the level of evil would be much less. I have seen things in my few nights out. Things that just reassured me that there is plenty of evil still hidden in the shadows.

Thank god for this notebook. If my pen runs out before I find my family I don’t know how I will survive. So many years of my life I spent great periods of time in solitude. What kept my mind together was knowing when the job was done I would go home to my family. Without them, well, the man I am may dissipate. Perhaps I will huddle amongst the shadows and become my own version of evil

Sharon Kimball

So what now. Mission accomplished. Do I dive in head first and become Wonder Woman. I mean what better way to live out the last days of my life than to fight for good. There really is nothing in this world for me but survival. I refuse to have the remainder of my days directed by food/water/shelter.

There are times when I lay under the desert stars at night or just under a leaky overhang and pray for their response. Just quiver at the idea of someone coming for revenge. You know, there are things much worse than death and they all seem to reside in Arizona. Perhaps when my time comes I will think differently but till then I am hoping for some action. Come find me.

Still. When everyone moved 1000 miles an hour on this planet you could feel the earth move. You could feel her spin underfoot. As we all did our job mother earth did hers. Now the earth is so quiet. Still.


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