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Our World X

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Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

China began to write us off. Just before the wars China wrote us off big time. Their leader said we were but a nation set on course for permanent decline. Still they fed us their bullshit products hand over fist. All the while tightening their fist around the Pacific. Not many realize we patrolled those waters for so many years keeping things “fair.” You remember that word. When the funds slowed so did our ability to be the worlds bouncer. Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

It was in that dark time that I realized that America is just a word. China thought it was the group of people on that continent across the water. The fact is America is just a name. It is not a place or a group of people. It’s an idea that man should be free. A right given to us by god and carried out by brave men who believe the same. Where these beliefs take root is not the point. It’s a flame that will never be extinguished. The flame will burn high at times and dance in the darkness but it will also die down become nearly a spark again. The idea is alive and the fire will rise again.

Terrence Howard

It’s a good thing I brought this crummy old book along. It seems the old man has lost a step or two.

Sneaking back to my own home, as funny as that sounds, I was spotted by a man on watch from the street. You see my eye in the sky doesn’t reach the street so I had no idea there was someone on watch. Should’ve been more careful. He sits up hill from my home near our large red bud tree.

I should have been a little more quiet but it was 2:30 in the morning and I underestimated my enemies. The big thing is I know they didn’t recognize me from the photos in our home. I spotted him at about 50 yards. Only problem is he spotted me too. This will assure a much tighter security level around the house. If they are smart. From now on I will assume they are. Matter of fact in our world it is best to assume everyone is smarter than you. It’s a much more pleasant feeling if you turn out to be wrong.

On a much more positive note my theory held strong. All of those popular drugstore chains were completely cleared out. No matter  that is just what i had planned for. I broke the glass out of a small Veterinary Clinic a few miles from my home. amoxicillin is just that right? Whether ingested by feline or human it still has the properties we need to get baby girl right. I had an older friend who couldn’t afford meds. He swore by fish antibiotics. Hope to god he was right.

Sharon Kimball

It’s like Christmas Eve. Maybe more like July 3rd. The light show will be spectacular. So lying in wake all this time has only left me with much curiosity on just who the sorry bastards are that will feel the effects of this stuff. You know, and the higher-ups who will feel it more in their pockets and stomachs. I have learned a few things about these empty minded individuals.

Joe Cole is a man with a heart as black as his last name sounds. Before the collapse he was making stacks of money working with drug cartels on, you guessed it, human trafficking. Our world would be much better without a man like this roaming the streets. There are so many vulnerable these days. It is even harder to think about. It’s so easy to take advantage of a mother who has kids to feed. There are no government programs anymore. A girl gets fuzzy in the head from dehydration and trust me inhibitions get very loose. You will do a lot for that bottle of murky water.

I read an article in the early 2000s about EMP or electro-magnetic pulse. It was just a theory but it caught my interest because of a video game I was playing at the time employed something similar on a smaller scale. The stat said, in the event of a continental power outage 70-90% of the population would be dead within the first year. At the time that seemed astounding to me. I guess I didn’t take into consideration the evil and ruin we would cause to our own.

Gilbert Hernadez

I guess I have a cracked orbital bone. It looks like a small plum is tucked under the skin next to my left eye. A little further to the left and he would have hit me right in the temple. So my hands are swollen, ribs are swollen best of all my stomach is swollen…with my hard-earned winnings. This was a helluva fight!

Terry went downstairs early. I guess he could tell I was a high energy fighter. Could be that I am light weight and hispanic, kinda got a rep for throwing 100+ punches per round. So he was bustin me up early with body shots. Its a great way to slow an opponent down. He was quick in an out too. Kinda had me worried early. The problem was his left hand was thunderous. I almost went down when he caught me with a left hook. I shot in to take him to the ground but he stuffed me no problem. Gave me a chance to catch my breath but he started right back on the body

By the 3rd I was cramping and it felt like the ribs on my right side were broken. I wasnt panicking though. I knew I would win. I am not being cocky I was taking a beating on purpose in the third. I knew how to catch him. Like I said I knew I would win. Terry was reeling back each time he through the left hook to the body. It was a huge tell. There was about a minute left. He thought he could go to the body at will, I wasnt blocking. It was numb by now so I decided to use it to my advantage. He stepped left and pulled his left arm back. When he shot off the left hook I stepped back outta range. There was so much force behind it he was nearly off-balance just from missing. When his face met my right hand, timed perfectly, it was lights out. Time to heal.


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