Our World V

Our World V

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Four  seprate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood  and no political finger pointing.  Now the lights are out,  water stopped running, this is Our World


Sharon Kimball

I can’t leave Phoenix now. As much of a vile wasteland it has become, as hard as it is just to come by water I simply can’t leave.

All this time that has passed I have been nothing but a little rat. Scurrying around the streets of Biltmore Estates just trying to survive. Lapping up a little puddle here, a nibble of cheese there I had forgotten about purpose. Slowly losing the human element.

This scorching pit has brought it back. Purpose I mean.

My one escape out of here was revealed to proof of our weaknesses even in these trying times.
It was assurance that mankind is much like a two year old who understands exactly what they’re doing wrong and why its wrong yet, will continue on and do it anyway.A weakness that brought us into this mess we are in.

Too bad for mankind. That slaveship of a bus will meet its doom, at my hand. I am sure there will be some very angry, very mean people that will want to know what happened to their  bankroll. Oh well, Im hungry and bored and someone is going to pay for what’s going on.

Love just isn’t anymore. It is like a strange virus. Its still around in small pockets, tucked away behind boarded doors. Unfortunately, for a girl like me, the disease is no longer replicating.

That being said I will take my loneliness and frustrations out on this bus to hell and then I’ll go. Perhaps there is a place outside of Phoenix; somewhere a little more contagious…

Terrence Howard

The kids are scared today. It seems my worst fear has come screaming to life. Whether or not it was my mistake of leaving the computer top side, our guests have come looking.

I have one hand crank, all weather camera mounted outside. It was simply a design to keep our eyes open to what is happening out there. Most of the time it is off. Unless things get loud outside. Then I  can look. It is a very important asset to have. I mean if you don’t know what it looks like outside how would you know when to come out.Things like nerve gas and fallout are silent. Also someone stalking your goods.

They could never find me if employing typical means. I made sure of that. But somehow these fools have got their hands on a metal detector. It looks like they cannot get it working right now.

We are deep. Deep enough that you cant just go banging around looking for a hollow patch of ground. The entrance is hidden in the crawlspace of our home and crawl you must if you want to get to it.
Still, the kids are scared. I dont know what kind of power that detector has but I have keep my eye in the sky on them. If they come down here looking for a handout. Well, lets just say I prepared for such a situation.

Gilbert Hernandez

I won! 2 bags of rice, 10 cans, of tuna, new shoes (well relatively) and some damned self respect.  

Not one guy even looked my way as I walked out the door with my winnings. You don’t try to rob a guy who just floored someone twice his size in 2 minutes.

Thats all it took, 2 minutes. The guy was big but sluggish. You could tell he had been on the rice and oatmeal diet for too long. Just as I thought he looked nothing like my “advisors” said. He certainly didn’t fight like it either

I figured he would be weak around the ribs. We all are. There is not a lot of that extra padding American used to carry around. Worked the body for the first minute straight. Tagged him a few times above the eyes. He shook it off, could take a punch. Landed a good leg kick that I thought was gonna snap is left leg but the straight right to the plexes crumpled him.

Its funny ya know. The best guys kept the best trainers in the old world. They won so they could afford them. I feel like its just the same now. If you win you eat knowing your next opponent might not gives you the edge a great trainer would. So victory breeds victory. Some things still apply in our world.

Kurtis O’Leary

There was just so much going on it was hard filter out the important messages. Hollywood breakdowns mashed between stories of China and Japan at each others throats over land masses of the Asian coast. The media became masters of the chaser. It was like they introduced bullshit news that we all ‘cared about’ and we’d all change the channel when we heard Middle East.

The point came when we just turned a blind eye to it. Like abused children all in the same household. Running out of oil, my tanks full today. Korea about to implode, I got the new iwhatever. Even reasonable people, like myself, felt our borders were impenetrable. It pisses me off. There were so many signs and good honest people just didn’t want to do anything about it. Not even acknowledge it. Now, my son suffers for my ignorance.

My crazy ass neighbor used to talk my ear off about bushes and trees and shit. The man knew what every tree was in the whole fucking development. He knew so much about what just didnt matter at the time. Well that shit is life and death now. Man I wish I would have listened little closer. Took some time to learn about the world around me instead the world behind the screen. Blind eye, like I said.


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