Our World: relive the beginning with episode 1

Our World: relive the beginning with episode 1

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em>Four  seprate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more new
s, no Hollywood  and no political finger pointing.  Now the lights are out,  water stopped running, this is Our World

Sharon Kimbal

IT..Infromation Technology, I spent 4 years earning the degree and countless hours in classes to bolster that degree. Now as I sit by candlelight scrawling these meaningless words in a worn out journal I found I have a chance to look back on my life. I realize so much of what i thought was “important” was just so empty in grand scheme.

I moved away from Richmond VA because it was so normal and I thought to be a success I had to be part of a succesful scene. A location that would wow the kids from Monocan High or even my graduate class at VCU. I wonder how many of them are still alive? I miss mom and dad. Darius. Why did he have to get on that plane to go see his parents? I should have went with him. So busy at work though.

Work. I devoted my life to keeping a server running. I was the woman behind the curtain in Oz. We all grew so dependent on Technology that when the lights went out we were blind and even in the daytime some of us are blind. Just not prepared for the things that you have to do to survive now. The things I have done to survive…

Which is why I am writing. I have no one to talk to. I trust no one around me. But for this little red diary I am completely alone. Phoenix, Arizona what a cool place to live right? Too bad when I signed my lease they didnt mention that in just 3 months we would witness the greatest catastrophe in the history of mankind.

Water. Water is a delicacy but of course a necesity around here. I looted a corner store and hid water in a few locations around town. Doing my best not to tap into it I check on it everyday collecting what little water I can from nature. You know resources are hard to come by in a desert, even harder when the whole population is looking for the same ones. Im leaving here soon. I wont live if I dont.

Terrence Howard

You know…I always thought when the day finally came I would get a little more satisfaction. All my neighbors who mocked me for building the greenhouse and gave me so much grief about my chickens. Just a little trapped animal look in the eyes. Maybe an apology for calling me a nutcase.

My preps have just become so extensive over the years that I really have been swallowed up in the whole thing. Sitting in my bunker right now surrounded by water, food and family. There is a great sense of security that I have earned. Now we have to outlast it. I just didnt expect people to start dieing so soon.

I always knew that the world would stop once the trucks stopped running. Unfortunately we found out the trucks werent running two days after they stopped. Store shelves were getting bare before the public was alerted. You know in all my time prepping I always thought when it came it would be IN OUR FACE. Undeniable ya know. This just snuck up on us all….

The crazy military man was right! Our day of reckoning was finally upon us and before I could get out just one TOLD YOU SO. The shelves were empy and the riots and looting began. We stayed topside for as long as we could. Tried to help my neighbors but I just didnt have enough to go around. Stole my chickens. So we went under. I dont want to have to kill anyone…..but I will.

Gilbert Hernandez

I remember how excited I was when the lights went out. It had been one hell of a Friday night. The tickets were chattering out of the machine and lining up fast, too fast. The kitchen couldn’t keep up. We were buried under steak and fish orders. In the business we call it being in the weeds. I needed a machete I was so deep. I was working veg and the demands were burning through my prep like tinder. I was going to be out of things very soon!

The weeds. There had been 3 times this last week that I ate weeds. I spent most of my life cooking, feeding. Surrounded by food day in and day out. Never concerned with anything except what time food was moving. When it was coming in and how fast it was going out. Big refridgerated trucks hauled food to me and that was as much thought as I put into its origin.

How could we have been so blind? Like this over abundance would just last forever prices dropping quality increasing. Infinite growth both in population and in economics. We thought we could defy the ebb and flow of physics. Well its come for our ass. The decline. The balance. This time a few weeks ago I thought my life depended on Table 22 getting their hanger steak cooked perfectly.

I am not even sure what my life is now. I stole a womans food last night. Right out of her house. When I was running out I thought I heard a baby. What am  I becoming. What will I have to become to survive this. Where do I draw the line.

Kurtis O’Leary

In a way i always knew it would come to this. there are still fragments of what life was; a candy wrapper lost in the wind, some street lights that still work… solar powered i guess. sometimes if you’re lucky you find a package of ramen or a twinky forgotten in a raided drug store or market. I never thought to prepare, i kinda figure shit would hit the fan and the government would clean it up, heh, it’s almost funny now; shit hit the fan and the government deteriorated faster than a salt lick in a thunderstorm. Eh, lawyers…

Anyway my name is Kurtis, and i’m gonna do me best to recount our story… how the world ate itself alive… how we got here… i figure some folks won’t remember how this all went down, and god willing, won’t remember, or know, how good life was… won’t know what they are missing.

I can remember my wife, Anna, arriving home from another late night at work to find our son. Jamie, covered in blue and yellow paint. She was so mad, heh, i miss things like that so much so often… “God damn it Kurtis!” she had yelled. She was so sexy when she was mad. Her temper flared red and hot when she let it go unchecked. but it was as intense as it could get it always burned out just as fast… Christ i miss her so much… Her and Jamie are in a better place now… i hope. wherever they are i hope they’re ain’t sucking up rain puddles and hunting rats and dogs to stop the rumbling in their guts.

Anyway, the next morning we saw a pair of planes destroy the twin towers… scared the shit out of us… we had no idea what to think. Well, at first we heard it was missiles, but later they told us it was hijacked planes. later a plane hit the pentagon, and a fourth landed in some field in Pennsylvania somewhere. i thought “this is it”… president told us to head to home depot and buy up all the duct tape and plastic wrap we could afford and start sealing off the windows and such… It was hard to keep from laughing, i guess the complete and utter terror helped keep the giggles at bay…

Racism woke up from it’s short hibernation, wiped the sleep from it’s eyes and found a new target to torture. Suddenly every arab was a terrorist and every muslim was out for american blood. I found the whole thing ridiculous… a few nut jobs did a horrible thing and suddenly it felt like they’d be building up the internment camps by the dozen and begin carting these poor people away… luckily that didn’t happen, but over time people started broadening their scope of fear and hate; iran, syria, russia, china… the news didn’t help, the fear mongers peddled their wares to all that listened and watched, and we all did… we all bought in, and it seemed inevitable, that someone would strike first.

I was scared at first, but it seemed the government was taking care of us, and life wasn’t to bad. Yea we were at war with the world… but…. that was “all the way over there” right? yea right….”

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