Our World IX

Our World IX

October 11, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

Bold moves. The was a time in the early 2000’s when the government and governing bodies around the world started making bold moves. The problem was these moves went uncontested. After the planes hit the towers Bush’s administration went into overdrive. Pouring on military power and worse yet empowering the DHS with the ability to do as they please. In the name of our “safety” of course. It just snowballed from there

Unmanned drones flying routes on American soil, new forms of domestic law enforcement and the most frightening of all was the fact that some people spoke up but were silenced by their peers because CNN said it was no big deal. The media fell into complete propaganda mode. They turned the opposition into a laughing-stock even if they had to drag out some ugly past mistakes. We just took it. Military vehicles roaming our streets and communities and we just took it.

It seems the powers that be have this thing down to a science. The world won’t stand for a bloody takeover anymore so they have found ways around it. By whittling us down slowly and adding a little spycam here and a tracking device there. It kept us angry but quiet. Not outraged. Once we cooled off they would nudge us a little more but never all at once. Just so damned persistent like a high school boy trying to get some tail from his girlfriend. Wearing us down until we gave it up. We gave it all up without as much as a peep.

Terrence Howard

We are eating good tonight. Well, all but one of us. Baby girl is showing signs of improvement but I have made the decision to leave tonight. Once the girls fall asleep. I hope to be back by dawn so they wont have to worry. I haven’t been up top in so long I really don’t know what I am walking into. Though I will be plenty prepared. I have a few ideas of where to go drum up some medicine. Most places will have been ransacked by now. It will take some creativity. Luckily for baby girl dear old dad is well versed in tough times.

However, till I leave I will assure a great meal is had by all of us. We have our everyday food down here. Our rice, beans, oats, the boring stuff we have to eat each day. Tonight I dug into our special occasion meals. We are going to have some chicken alfredo. A little vacuum packed bread that we are going to steam off add some butter and garlic salt. The girls are excited. This hole is taking its toll on them. Still, we are very fortunate to have it. The world outside is much more taxing.

This is why its so important to source great, high quality food storage. I mean face it. If I unpacked one of these tubs of wheat and found it infested with bugs what would I do. Not only would I be short on food for my family but we are long past the ability of a refund. I am sure most people who work customer service have probably starved to death themselves. Anyhow. Just all part of being prepared.

Gilbert Hernandez

This week is all about Terry. I have been running a lot. Nothing too serious I mean it is in my best interest to conserve calories moving into this bout. This last week is very important in my training. Resting becomes a much larger factor. I need a damned sparring partner. That would help out a lot. It’s not an easy thing to come by, someone who wants to burn pointless calories for my gain. Still if I search the audience at the next fight there may be someone who is a fighter too.

It’s a strange sensation to feel weak and strong at the same time. I am in good shape considering the circumstances. My muscles and my skills are stronger than before the collapse but my body on a whole and my mind feels much more weak. Its funny. That balance in life is always there. Our country was so strong in the eyes of many. We were too strong before the collapse, to some. Now we are demolished, building back in some strange image. Though I see things, people and circumstances. Days when we help each other off the ground. People helping those whom they may never have helped before and it makes me think that in our weakness and vulnerability we are in fact stronger than ever before.

Terry is a smaller guy. He doesn’t even look very intimidating. Kinda frail in the arms. If you seen him on the street you might even consider robbing him. Looks like an easy target. That is exactly why he has had such success. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. The man is a killer. I saw him out and about the other day and talked to my ‘promoter’ about him. He has quite the impressive record. I think mainly due to the fact that he appears to be a push over for most. I won’t step into the ring with a big head. Fight smart and eat well.

Sharon Kimball

You just don’t know cold nights like those in the desert. Not those in your solar heated posh home in the desert. Under the stars, with the scorpions when the sand has simply exhausted all of its ability to retain heat. The cold, unforgiving rocks suck away body heat like some sort of parasite. There is something to be said about warmth. It motivates, it inspires, and it seems to create an environment where you can operate almost seamlessly. The warmth. I haven’t known the feeling in some time. I feel like I am forgetting it as well.

Next week I will blow the Hell bus and its stubby little drive into the heavens. It feels good to write something like that and it be concrete. So much of what i do day-to-day depends on reacting. It feels good to make a solid plan and dedicate to sticking to it under any circumstances. I have to say this little endeavor has been exciting it has kept my mind off the world. Off of thirst and hunger. It might actually be kind of sad once the mission is accomplished. I may have to turn to more episodes of quiet, yet effective, bomb detonation.

I wonder how bad it is in other places. If terrible things like this are happening here. It is hard to imagine what could be happening elsewhere. Places like NYC. Well unless they all died in the blast. Funny thought, sick thought. Where is this world better off? The places where we all have been blown back to God or where the last shreds of humanity fight against the twirling razor-sharp blades of our own actions?


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  1. Arizona says:

    the 30 mile hike to the sail boat was a tough one, as we had to cross large fields of deep mud,everyone was tried together in case we broke thru the surface,it was a good thing we were to or a few of us wouldn’t have made it,we broke thru a few times on the trip and figured we wash off once we got to the ocean,Big surprise,the cove was about 2miles long and a mile wide and the sailboat was floating right out there in the middle,it had twin masts the front one was broken 1/3 of the way down and the rear one was broken in haft,the really big problem was how to get pass all the dead bodies floating in the water,as I stood there looking around for something to use to float out on,there wasn’t a tree or anything left anywhere,just mud everywhere you looked,all the hills were covered with deep mud and the smeel was beyond belief,as I looked around I surveyed the area I had to hold my nose,the dead bodies went out at least a quarter mile all the way around the whole cove,we argued about who might swim out and try to get the boat closer to shore,the bodies were rotting in the water and no one wanted to try to swim thru that stinking mess

  2. Arizona says:

    WE met Jeff at the little store down the road from my house,I asked him where he came from and he said the coast of oregan,said he was a fishing boat captain,I knew right then,the lord had sent him to run the sail boat,not to long after we met him the war started,the thermonuclear weapons destroyed the whole country,not many survived,then the chinese and russians showed up and were trying to catch all the survivors,that is the ones they didn’t kill, the pole shift really put the run on all the foreign troops that were everywhere,I think most of them were killed during the floods,when the weather cleared enough to travel, we headed where the lord told us the sailboat was and I must say we were ready,the food was almost gone and the thought of fresh sea food,well we loaded up and headed for the coast,we never saw a soul on the trip,trogging thru the mud took days,and by the time we reached the coast we were out of the last of the food,its really tough to do hard claiming on and empty stomaic,we reached the coast and then ,what a mess,looked like it might be a while before we had some food,we found a dead horse and Jeff floated out on him while we sat on shore waiting to hear the engine in the sailboat start up,we all cheered when we saw the smoke from the engine when it started,we were all on board before sundown,10 state rooms and 15 people,it was warm the first night aboard ship. I slept on the deck the first night,my sleeping bag was starting to get in bad shape,we headed out to the open ocean the next day,we had a cook out with the best sea food I ever ate,we spent every night in the cove,good thing too,two weeks or so later we saw a cruizer coming and it was a big one to ,he saw us to,we raced back into our cove,and they sent a small patrol boat in after us,they were chinese,the one good thing we did was to bring all the weapons and ammo with us,you know just in case,we layed on the deck and waited tell we could see the whites of their eyes and then mowed them down,we got all kinds of stuff out of their boat before it sank. a few nights later they sent in another patrol boat into the cove after us again,we got them too,I had to hand it to them we knew they wouldn’t give up, we went ashore thinking they would try that next and we were right,we were waiting for them when they came over the mountain,I guest they thought americans were stupid,yea we were out numbered 3 to 1,but we had surprise on our side,and mowed them down in five minutes,YES we took all their stuff too,funny that was the last time we ever saw them again,we moved to a new cove down the coast and fished in peace for several years after that…………

  3. iamliberty says:

    Very cool. Go on. Now i want to know what happens after the dot dot dot

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