Our World IV

Our World IV

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Four  seprate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood  and no political finger pointing.  Now the lights are out,  water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

in 2016, january 15th at 12:00pm they made the announcement; iran had invaded israel with some assistance from the palestinians, north korea invaded south korea and china announced that any intervention by the united states would result in war between the two nations… 2 days later they announced we were going to war.
the war stayed overseas for a while, none of us expected it turn the way it did. during the first few months the news showed us winning every battle we fought. We lowered the enlistment age to 16 and offered GED exams to the troops who needed them when they returned home.

After the first few months the news reports started to change slightly; they never reported any large battles lost but the killed in action announcements were starting to mount disturbingly high numbers. Rumors of biological weapons being used by some nations were spreading online. Before long the government put a new law into effect giving itself access to filter and shut down internet access whenever and however it pleased, so pretty soon there was no “online” at all.

Claiming our enemies were using the information on our websites to improve how their armies fought us, but it seemed like a pretty veil thing to me.
god… the concept of the internet is mind bending to me now… it’s only been 10 years or so, but it feels like another life entirely. amazing how quickly that happens…

Sharon Kimball

ITS A GOD DAMNED CATTLE CAR! They are selling them! Its just too much to take. Even in our darkest hour sex, drugs and gambling still find ways to poke their head in.
I followed the bus of hope out of town today. The bus filled with women and children. Young girls and boys. They stopped about 3 miles outside of town and pulled up to an abandoned gas station.
A man appeared from the desecrated remains of the structure. It was almost hard to believe someone would be inside there let alone working. The pumps wouldn’t work I knew that much. So perhaps I would see how gas worked nowadays. The driver and the man spoke for a moment. Then gas man disappeared back into the rickety building.
What happened next was a sickening display.
Five men, two brandishing automatic weapons appeared out of this same shack. They pulled out all the passengers and lined them up. The three not carrying weapons looked over the “Cargo”. After handing over a small sack each man pointed out his choices.
The hands were bound and eyes blindfolded. Each man left with his prize. The rest got loaded back on the bus. Who knows where to. Probably another trading block. God help those poor souls. This is where we are. Have we learned nothing?
Gilbert Hernandez

Trained hard today. Its tough to train hard. You get dizzy. No protien drinks and smoothie bars around. More importantly no cows around. What I would give for a nice juicy steak after today’s workout. So I am on the fight card for next Friday night. Elgin made it happen, got my name to the right people. I worked out a nice little niche for myself and now I am going to give it my all. Running sucks but it sure feels alot better than stealing.
Don’t know much about my opponent. Its not like I can pull my phone out and get his fighter profile anymore. A lot of it is word of mouth. That shit can’t be trusted. Some people make him out to be a monster and others tell me he’s got a glass jaw. Either way its up to me to be prepared.
I have enough food to eat well until the fight. Only thing. I gotta win. If not it will back to hard times. I may have to hit up some shelters just to make it. Till then im training.
Terrance Howard

People must have taken over our home. We are close enough to the house that I can hear activity, day and night. Sure hope they treat her well. Once this all blows over I am gonna need it back in one piece.
You work so hard for things and in times like these you realize they are just things. The latest and the greatest that wind up in the trash in 6 months. What a life we lead. Its embarrassing that so many of us just thought it could go on forever. We could waste and burn through resources like hot steel through butter and never run out.
Never piss the other, less fortunate off enough that they would do something about it. Never have to refer to them as the Good Ol Days.
So many societies before us have perished the same way. I would hate to be a part of two that fail from the same human flaws. Thats the opportunity we have. Rebuilding will be very important.
Amid the chaos of that day I forgot to bring the laptop down here with us. It really wouldn’t have worked for very long. We have solar cells that draw energy for us scattered throughout the property and wired into the shelter. Plenty of backup light in case those fail. Still I wouldn’t risk the electricity to play minesweeper.
Internet is gone. Most electricity is gone. Hopefully that will deter them from snooping. You see the blueprints for the shelter are on that hard drive. All the when, where and how’s of our safety could be at the fingertips of our guests.


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