Our World III

Our World III

August 21, 2012 Uncategorized 0

Kurtis O’Leary   

So…. after Europe took a shit America’s dollar was officially useless… we didn’t produce anything but corn and porn and no one was gonna buy that shit now so life started getting really weird…

Businesses started closing up, not the mom and pops, those were dead for a few years, but i mean the big guys like WaltSmart and Bullseye markets, very very strange to see them calling it quits. I guess all that bailout money dried up… Mind you, we were still fighting war with damn near everyone…

It went on like this for a few years until there was barely anything…

The mom and pops were eaten up by the big boxes long before shit hit the fan, and the big boxes died off after folks ran out of cash. It’s funny once the big guys keeled over there was a brief comeback for the mom and pop grocery and drug stores. They hung on until the end, but that was about it…

About 17 years after the planes hit when the first bomb dropped… or… i guess it was a bomb, I’m not sure, we never did hear for sure one way or the other. All i know is one day the lights went out… and they never came back on.

Reason i said “bomb” is, i heard some rumors following the “event”. people saying a bomb was set off in the atmosphere somewhere and it killed the grid… this is what i pieced together from a couple dozen stories anyway.

Sharon Kimbal

Wow! What a week it’s been.

I found a rain barrel and though I am sort of transient right now I have put it on wheels. Storing my goods in it as I travel and when the rare rains do come I attach her to the nearest abandoned home I can find and man will she fill fast.

It has been quite the barter piece.

Filling bottles for whatever it is I need. It sure beats giving up the clothes off your back or my last pair of shoes.

The bad news is the bus to paradise seems to be far from that. I ran into a girl who was literally running from the bus last time it was in town. I followed her back to her home but she wouldnt tell me anything.

Still waiting on some intel. Should have known I would be getting out of here so easily. Still I am pressing East. Dont know what I will do once I hit that stretch of open desert.

Gilbert Hernandez

Fat and happy in this world that is something to be proud of. I can sleep well tonight one of the guys I did a job for this week gave me a blow up mattress. I thought aside from shredded clothing or hay I would never feel a new mattress again. Now of course I gotta damn near pass out of existence to get air into the thing but once its open its heaven.

I work for this guy named Elgin. I am a criminal now lets make no bones about it. Though it is a new world and there are no jobs available. Also there are no laws either. So is looting really a crime? Is pulling solar panels against the law? Who should I ask?

Anyhow Elgin has been talking about a small underground fighting ring he has been running. The people still need entertainment. Its funny though you dont see stacks of cash when the bets are being pushed. Instead its a guy with a wheelbarrow. He takes shoes, rings, chains, you name it. I seen a guy bet his dog. Little jack russel riding around in the wheelbarrow. When you win you basically get the wheelbarrow full of goodies.

Before all of this I used to really enjoy martial arts. UFC, Strikeforce, Pride all that stuff. I trained and sparred for fun. Hey everything happens for a reason right? Gonna go do some push ups. Not sure what the fighters make but it will be alot better than doing what I am doing right now.

Terrance Howard

You know its funny when I started working on this shelter Marcy thought I was crazy. Alot of people thought I was crazy for a long time. Still I would be lieing if I said it didn’t have an effect when I heard it from my own wife’s lips.

The funny thing about arguing with people you care about is there is really no winning. I could rub it in her face that I was right and she was terribly wrong. I could tell her how she hurt me with her opinions on my behavior but what good will it do to make her feel bad? So what I was right you were wrong. We are safe and together and making it through the toughest days of our lives.

It takes a long time for a man to realize there is something more to life than just being right and winning arguments.

There has been alot of noise above. The last few days I have heard voices and things. They will never find us and if they do it will be a living hell to try and get in here. I was very thorough. Our exhaust and intake vents are built into huge boulders on my property. There is really no sign we event exist.


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