Our World II

Our World II

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Four  seprate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood  and no political finger pointing.  Now the lights are out,  water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary    

So life now is difficult to say the least… near the end i had some time to get some basic supplies stored. I used to love that show with the crazy british guy who drank his own piss, and i retained some of the shit he was trying to communicate to us… when he wasn’t jumping out of trees and what not. I can get a fire going, i know what plants to eat and not to eat, and i know where to find water and what to do with it when i find it, and i still have some of what i had in my “Bug out bag”. When it all finally happened i hung around the house as long as i could. I even managed to get some seeds in the ground and they started to sprout before we were attacked… I’m not ready to write about that yet… maybe later… Anyway, life for us know is hard…

Today i took Connor fishing… Connor is my son. He was a baby when it all went down and doesn’t remember it any other way… God bless him. He caught a couple little fish, you’d think he’d seen jesus christ and santa at the same time. The boy is a good little angler, he catches something damn near every time we go out, but he is just as excited and just as grateful after every catch. We boiled them up with some herbs i managed to get growing around our camp, not a bad day in all. He’s sleeping now in one of the sleeping bags we lifted from a shop in town (that wasn’t a bad day either).

So we were talking about how we got where we are now… alright so: like 13 years into the war gas hit 19 bucks a gallon, so travel for most people became out of the question… lots of bikes and shit. no big deal for me, i never liked cars anyway. This twisted a lot of panties and kids started revolting and staging these “Occupy” movements. I was pretty impressed at first, i’d given up on the idea that anyone would do anything about the state of things… i guess i was like a lot of other people then; i expected to be taken care of, i expected the government to put me first… thats what i paid them for right? wrong…

well in addition to all the bullshit going on in the streets here in the states matters were getting pretty ugly overseas… Europe was, for lack of a better term, fucked. the Euro tanked a long time ago and they were trying to figure out how to unfuck that mess. Greece kinda screwed the pooch on that one… I mean blaming them is kind of unfair; you can’t combine an economy among nations with such a varying degree of mentalities… greece didn’t give a shit about the economy or how it worked when they had their own economy, why would they start caring now that they shared one with the rest of europe… eh, you know what they say about hindsight…

Sharon Kimbal

I only wish I had more time to write on these pages. So necessary. It jumps time back to when I was a child and the classroom was rank with old tubes of paste and construction paper. It is hard on the soul to live in a world that you simply want to forget and escape. There is so little joy to be seen.

Nature is still beautiful though it’s being raped by us all now. You know letting an areas population go wild on the area’s natural resources instead of supermarket shelves really gives an idea of just how much we consume as a species. It’s no wonder we have wound up here

A girl shouldn’t be this lonely. No girlfriends, cell phone dammit not even someone to gossip to. We are all so splintered now just a head nod is the best you will get if you see a passerby. I dont want to write about the worst you’ll get. Desert nights are so cold. Up all night just longing for his warm body to cling to. Something real to hold onto. To remind me that I am real. That this is not some bad dream. I reach out in the dark of night and find nothing but more cold, dry desert air. Too afraid to cry, expends too much water.

There are caravans running through the city. They are taking people out of Phoenix. Not Armed forces or Red Cross. Not sure what they are. I will check them out from a distance. Could be my ticket out of here. Check the bed for scorpions and im done with this day.

Terrance Howard

The cb is still getting a great signal. Thank god I invested in this old thing. Should be good as long as no one finds my antenna. Or tries to sell it or stab someone with it or whatever it is they are doing up top. Fortunate enough to have an underground well tapped and running into the shelter. Though I think we will just stick to bottled for now. I wanna give the fallout time to move through the water just in case any has seeped into the ground.

You dont realize just how important it is to have things like yatzee in the shelter. I might have killed my 5 year old without it. I am asking so much of my family right now. God. The things they will see in their lifetime. I am just hopeful we can rebuild our society. You know I made good money before all this. I had that good job. Funny. Now, money doesnt even matter. Couldn’t buy anything if I had too. In fact the majority of my money was in the bank. I know I will never see that again.

Gilbert Hernandez

Tonight, I feel like more. Its been a while since I have been full. I miss music. Deftones. You know growing up in LA in the 90’s skating and listening to the Bakersfield boys and bands like the Deftones it was hard to believe I was even touchable. I was born here though I still got the looks for being brown and having a moustache. But I felt like I fit in because I had my board and my music. Now fitting in is impossible. Especially for a pendejo like me who ran his family off for a woman.

That woman cut out my heart and cooked that baby med rare. Ate it right in my face. You lose a lot when you lose those you work with every night. The hot line really is a tough place to work but its much like having parents. You know it can be hard on you at times but your fellow line cooks with huddle around you in time of need. When the buildings collapsed it was my day off. I had taken that Friday off to rest. Sometimes you gotta rest.

No one made it out of that rubble. I sure hope no one got trapped with a searing grill on top of them or anything But then their suffering may have only been temporary. Mine will carry on.


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