Our Word XXIV

Our Word XXIV

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Kurtis O-horz

Four separate stories, four different lives in the wake of the perfect storm. The choices we make are building the new face of humanity. Each day we struggle to survive. No more news, no Hollywood and no political finger pointing. Now the lights are out, water stopped running, this is Our World

Kurtis O’Leary

It had been so long since I woke up from a nightmare. You know this one I live is perpetual. I often have dreams about waking up in a warm bed with Anna by my side. Rolling over making love. These things are as distant as a dream now. Still, when I heard the wind howling outside and popped up out of bed I was out of breath. Something had been chasing us. All of us. The whole family was together and something inhuman was tracking us. It was frightening. I was powerless.

I checked on Connor then cried for a little while just for my losses. You never get over them. Just a few minutes had passed when I heard the beeping. It started low and inconsistent but as I noticed it more and more the time between beeps increased. I thought it was a bomb at first or an old carbon monoxide detector. Yes. All the normal things can still kill you in a crisis. It is hard to keep that in mind sometimes.

Waking up my son I told him to get his coat on and go stand on the porch. He was so obedient, even out of a dead sleep. What a great kid. I clenched my fists up at the thought of what he would’ve been in a better world. I worked my way down the hall and into the third bedroom. I had to find out what it was there was simply no giving up on this home. An old chest of drawers was spilled across the floor and the beeping was coming from the heap. I dug through the clothes and found a small black box on a key chain in yellow letters it read “Nukalert.”  

Terrence Howard

Considering my new ambitions and the fact that at anytime danger could present itself in our world, I decided to work on a cache. It would be the first of many but I found some old PVC rods in the basement of our new “home” and thought it would be a great resource. Now I have done these before in the field and when stocked properly they can be devastatingly effective. I had a great idea for these pipes.

Food, Water, Firearms, protection from the elements. If we were to get evicted again. I would like to have several of these around the neighborhood to keep my family safe and in good health. So much about life is adaptation. You know, some define intelligence as the ability to utilize the resources around you to your benefit.

There were a few bottles of old spray paint in the basement as well. Tan, black and white, there was a pink too but I threw it out. I am looking to mimic nature. I will spray the tubes with the tan and let it dry. Then I will take the black and white and decorate these pipes to look like random tree branches. On the ground level they will look nothing like tree branches but 15-20 feet up you could never see them.

Sharon Kimball

The fire on the horizon was forcing the night sky above it to retreat. I was observing the beautiful sunrise when the next two ran outside. One of the fools had a big knife in his hand. Hope he can stop bullets with it. I ripped off two shots into his chest. He couldn’t. The second guy with longer hair and a long sleeve shirt on aimed a 9mm pistol up at me and let off a few rounds. I stepped back and bent at the knees allowing him to blow a few scared rounds.

It was incredible how calm I was. My first shot rang off next to his foot but the next caught him in the gut. I would have let him suffer but I didnt want to give up my location yet. I continued on maybe killing about 6 men until I heard the first bang come from the roof door. They would try to come at me in force through one door. I would escape from one of the other two.

After unloading the rest of the clip into the door they were behind I slid through the far door and back into the building. Its important not to be greedy. Unfortunately for them they were dealing with a woman. I was always good at delaying satisfaction. I was a virgin till 22! The halls were alive when I entered back into the building. Creeping back into my boiler room I sat down to go over what just happened. I came to the conclusion that I would become a ghost, a terror among them. I could not stop an army of men with one gun and currently no bullets. Overtime though I could wear them down. Killing a little every day, every two days. Eventually they will find me and kill me or leave this place.

Gilbert Hernandez

Esta mañana el mundo sacudió. I ran to the damn window to see what was going on. Hollering for Dan to wake up I saw it. Even after everything we have been through everything we have experienced it still took my breath away. The problem was I wasn’t sure if it was relief or fear that broke me down. I hollered again but nothing came out.

Dan walked into the bedroom, which had the only window you could see the main street from. His eyes lit up just like mine. “What does it mean,” he asked but his eyes never moved off them. I was afraid to look away too. Sort of afraid I would wake up. This was either a pesadilla or oración. I wasnt sure. So I kept my eyes locked. There was very little time for us to evaluate

Crowds were starting to form in the streets. Lines. I am not sure what they expected. Not sure what I expected; alimentos, agua o simplemente respuestas. Hanging on the moment I knew what would follow would be monumental. The sun beat down on the streets of Philadelphia. Not a cloud in the sky and sunlight glimmered of the row of tanks that had rolled into town.


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