NO KINGS Apparel for the American Individual

NO KINGS Apparel for the American Individual

September 4, 2017 featured Uncategorized 0

How did you feel when you saw riots at Berkley or the weakness in Charlottesville? What thoughts came to mind? Did you consider the future or the present; what about the past?

We are ushering in a new age of kings. Whether it was the storyteller in front of the fire or the despot under the crown, man has looked to a leader since the beginning. Most often we got a ruler. In times like these people get scared and in their fear they look for new kings. I don’t mean presidents and representatives. Though, they are modern day kings.

If Diane Feinstein isn’t a king with 100 years in congress and a net worth that would make you weak in the knees I don’t know how to better describe it.

People of influence with power over you can quickly become your king. Leaders of groups like BLM, Antifa the Alt-Right are all busy offering their rule, their world, to you. In these scary times it may seem tempting to fall into the words of radicals. This is the harrowed tale of history and also the beginning of most great tragedies.

Well, I believe in NO KINGS. In 2017 we are all enough. We are smart enough and we have power like never before. Let us not unify behind a common enemy and hear the battle cry of another king. The echoes of that failed ideology are being heard all over this nation. Its not time for a battle cry from talk radio or pop culture.

Its time to be neighbors and to get to know people. Every human is a unique case that deserves our thought and consideration.

Its a time for introspection. Before we can make anything better in this world we must work on ourselves. So I say NO KINGS and these designs are my way’ of wearing this belief and sharing this belief. These quotes and logos are about independence, they are about hard work and, most of all, they are about waking up each day and owning it!

Don’t fall for the silk tongue that turns razor sharp when you look away.  Everyone wants a minion.

You are an American. You have redefined what it means to be an individual and that is your greatest strength. Don’t fall into a doxy, don’t fall for a sales pitch, don’t let the kings rise again….


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