My Interview on The Prepper Podcast

My Interview on The Prepper Podcast

March 30, 2015 podcast 0

067: Importance of Youth and Community to Preparedness and Liberty

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James Walton

  1. Tell me a little about you, who you are, and how you got into preparedness?
  2. What is your mission here on earth?
  3. Tell me what the reroot usa movement is…
  4. You have a podcast called I AM Liberty, tell me why you chose to start a podcast, and a little about it?
  5. What are the three largest issues you see on the horizon for the prepared?
  6. What can we do about it?
  7. So you have a community approach to preparedness.  Why do you think that community is the way to true preparedness?
  8. What do you think is our best way to grow a community of prepared individuals that want to work together?
  9. I also noticed that you focus on the development of our youth, why do you think the youth of our nation is the key to a bright future?
  10. Can you give me specific ways that we can develop our children to be patriots, warriors, and critical thinkers?
  11. Tell me what your vision is for reroot usa and I AM Liberty…
  12. What are three resources you would recommend for others that are just starting in preparedness?
  13. Tell us how we can find you or how we can contact you and learn more…
  14. If you have any final wisdom or final words for everyone, I ask you to do it now before we go.


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