Prepper Fiction is Evolving and I Couldn’t be More Excited

Prepper Fiction is Evolving and I Couldn’t be More Excited

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            Are you ready? There is something about to happen to our genre. Prepper fiction is changing its opening up. Now that self publishing, with proper planning, has become a way for authors to truly express their ideas and make money along the way I believe things are going to change. When I say change I mean for the better.

This is not an article to poke at the traditional novel. I write them and enjoy reading them. Still, what better a genre to use to rethink how a story could be told. Why just paragraphs and numbered chapters. Why not graphic novels or new book layouts all together? This is both the question and the challenge I set before prepper authors all over the country.

Is there a genre more suited for this? Sci fi, dystopia, suspense, horror, and a touch of mystery if you wrap these up into one you might be able to some up this sub genre we have created. I am ready for its next steps.

On Thursday October 16th my new book Our World: Recovered Journals will be available at This is a shot in the aforementioned direction. This book is a fictitious case study compiled by a man name J. Singfire. It is a culmination of four journals, hand written, documenting a period in America known as the Dark Decades. (2019-2041) J. Singfire is the man challenging you to read through these journals and put together what happened to America in this time period.

The four writers have very distinct styles and are each in unique circumstances. Let me warn you though these writings were made to be authentic and the frustrations of survival create raw emotion and cursing within the entries. If you are not into that sort of thing I would suggest you shy away from this title.


Sharon Kimball is an IT professional living in Phoenix who comes face to face with a human trafficking ring.

Kurtis O’Leary, a father who lost so much in the early days of this time period and is struggling to keep Connor, his son, alive.

Gilbert Hernandez is a criminal, plain and simple. Bare knuckle fighting for food keeps him from mugging and hurting people.

Terrance Howard is the prepper. Deep inside a bunker with his family Terrance reflects on the days leading up to this terrifying time, that is, until a group of marauders gets a whiff of his location.


I sure hope you take advantage of this new title. Our World: Recovered Journals will take into the minds of these four individuals while piecing together what could have disrupted America to the point where desperation was the only thing left. Still, the challenge by Mr. Singfire is for you to read these journal entries and come to your own conclusions about the Dark Decades.


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