I AM Liberty Show: Mesoamerica, Xolotl, and achievers

I AM Liberty Show: Mesoamerica, Xolotl, and achievers

January 7, 2015 podcast 0

In the building of many cultures there is no end. I guess that would be God’s version of Ecclesiastes’ great quote. In this episode I touch on my sudden interest in Mesoamerica and the marvel of what these indeginous civilizations were able to achieve and create in their isolated world. From the domestication of food and animal to the creation of number systems and written language.

As I read about one societies rise I look around to the fall of my own. How does this relate and how do we survive it? The degeneration of a language and a battle with technology that pulls us further from the balance we find in nature. Is this thing too wordy and too nose up?

My dog is aging and I want him to be there when I die to cross me over that river to afterlife the way Mesoamerican mythology says. This is still the most selfish show on the air.

The headlines are garbage so the monologue is for the achievers out there. Boehners back but who cares about politics anyway. We will touch on all of it on this episode of I AM Liberty


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