Master Deterrents and Keep Yourself Safe and Aware

Master Deterrents and Keep Yourself Safe and Aware

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The importance of a deterrent goes way beyond the collapse of society. Its a concept that we all should be practicing today! No matter who you are, a physical altercation is never a good idea. There is simply too much unknown. Yet, all around you there are people who would press you into this very situation. Are you prepared to deal with them?

How would your family fair without you around? Would life be harder or easier?

On Saturday October 21st I was at a small groups tactical movement course in Doswell Virginia. There were about 10 of us total in the class. The instructor was an incredible guy who often teaches NBC training or Nuclear, Biological and Chemical preparedness. One thing he told us crossed many planes in my mind and as I write this article about deterring attacks I think about it again.

He told us, “Never assault another group because in an assault there are acceptable causalities.”

“Who in your group is an acceptable casualty?”

With that simple question we all bristled and stated the obvious, that no one in our group or family was an acceptable casualty. Consider this when you think about how you will deal with an attacker. The very best method is put yourself in a place using distance and planning among other things to deter an attack from ever happening.

Home Security Deterrents

In the game of home deterrents you want to present a home that makes bad guys walk by. Many of these tips are not going to stop a person from coming into your home who really wants to but they will deter someone from choosing your home as an easy target. Remember, we are looking only to make your home the least appealing home on the block for a burglary.

Visible Upgrades on Door and Window Locks

If you are living by the simple door handle locks your home is a great target. These locks are easy to bump or pick and they can even be pried open with a simply pry bar. Upgrade to some more effective locks and look for something that tells those outside that you have made that upgrade.

Motion Activated Lights

The power of a blinding flood light is highly unappreciated. There are solar versions of these as well that offer the same protection during a power outage. These lights will make your home a place to walk by rather than a place to scope out.

Security Cameras

If you are interested in security cameras they can be a pretty great deterrent. Of course, they are only as good as the footage they record. That is, unless you use them as a bluff.


Nothing beats the roar of a nice big dog. Many people proclaim that little dogs are the more effective security and that may be true. We are talking about deterrents. I want someone scoping my home to see my two big pit bulls outback and wonder. That’s all. Just wonder what might happen if they step inside the home in the middle of the night.

The great truth is no one knows how their dogs will react to a break in. I would not want to be the guy who finds out when a big headed Rottweiler comes barreling down the hall at me.


Keep your regular lights on outside during the night. Your porch lights need to stay on when the sun goes down. Also, leave some notable lights on when you are away from your home. No. Its not going to stop everyone but we are talking about deterrents. Keep the bad guys moving and looking for a better option.


Try to have a car in the drive way on a regular basis. Even keep on parked outside the garage just to assure people there is someone there. Put a nice big NRA bumper sticker on their, too. Just to make em wonder.


Personal Safety Deterrents

When it comes to personal safety its primarily about awareness and recognizing threats before they become an issue. There are steps you can take with your own presence and body to assure an attacker walks past you and your family to look for a better option.

Physical Fitness

You don’t have to be batman but it helps to walk with good posture and have a healthy body. This makes you less of a target than a frail person or someone who is obese and immobile. Your first deterrent is how you present yourself. Physcial fitness can be enough to make someone change their mind about attacking you.


I wont beat this dead horse too much but awareness is key. I am sure you’re tired of hearing it but you have to get your face out  of the device and back onto the people around you. Pay attention. In today’s world a person paying attention is a deterrent when all around them are not.

Say Hi and Look in the Eye

This is a technique that I use and it is to approach and blast an individual with hospitality. I wave to everyone and when I am passing a person that might be a bit suspect I will demand their eye contact by seeking it out and I will say hi to them. I will do this in a bit of a booming voice to assure they get the idea that people are looking. If you draw attention to yourself it will turn off any inclination to attack you.

Neck Tattoos

Just kidding. Hah.

These deterrents will offer you options both at your home and out in the real world. We are going to explore these deterrents as well as get the advice of some of the great listeners of the I AM Liberty Show Wednesday 9pm EST on Join the live chat or give us a call! 


6 Responses

  1. Rod says:

    I am a prepper as in small solar, long term food storage. Do a lot of gun activities. As is in target practice and shooting with fellow Bikers. You have presented great and useful info. I am glad I subscribed. Have a great day

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  3. TA says:

    Thank you for all your posts. It’s a lot of work.
    Almost every prepper site/blog is written By Men For Men. Aside from Daisy, The Organic Prepper, you All ignore the ladies. This is a serious oversight. It seems you all think every lady is paired with a man. Not true.
    You have mentioned in your posts to get martial arts trainimg, which I agree with. Then you mention the most brutal of the martial arts like krav maga (which I have done) and jiu jitsu, which gave a good male friend of mine massive migraines. I would like you to look down the road 20 years. Look at the people around you in their 50’s, 60’s and older. People have accidents and become ill, which compromise their physical abilities. When I actively practiced karate, I observed that all of the black belts and many brown belts in our dojo had shoulder surgeries for rotator cuff tears and had knee and other joint problems. These were due to incorrect and over-training. Once compromised, the body does not always heal back to what was normal. Do an experiment: the next 10 people who mention being in a car/vehicle accident, ask them if they have Completely healed from the accident. From my own experiment, I discovered the answer was no, amd it didn’t matter bow long ago the accident was.
    Also, your assertion to greet someone aggressively is asking for a problem when the greeter would be a woman. Look him in the eyes, probably yes. Say hello? That’s just crazy, because men assume that if a woman smiles at them or says hello, the woman is interested.

    Your suggestions are good for the younger adult male in good shape. Please ask questions of the elders around you to find out what works amd please don’t make the assumption that everyone reading these is a younger, healthy, physically fit male. They aren’t.
    You are sharing a lot of good information. Please remember that many people read this of all ages amd physical capabilities. I do happen to agree with a lot of your sugestions, it’s just that many are geared toward younger men and not the ladies or people over about 50ish.
    I wish you continued success in your endeavors,

    • iamlibertys says:

      You make a great point about women aggressively greeting people. I should certainly have considered the danger there. At the end of the day this blog is reflection of my personal experience because that is all I can really speak to. Though I am a bit philosophical I can only speak to what I have done and what has worked for me. I need people like you to bring this stuff to my attention and I thank you.

      • TA says:

        Thank you so much for hearing me. You have many good points, and we have similar thoughts.
        Have a great day,

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