Making Initial Contact

Making Initial Contact

September 19, 2013 Uncategorized 0

NeighborsCommunity preparedness, a great reason to make that initial contact. I think as a goal, a goal not just to get prepared but to better the American lifestyle we should push to meet a handful of our neighbors before the end of the year. Let’s take it even one step further. In fact, how about pushing to at least begin discussions on one major community level project before years end? This goal is one that will serve to not only create the ground work for your community but also give you a base from which to leap into 2014.

For the next 4 weeks on the I Am Liberty show we will be discussing different ways to make that initial contact. If you aren’t familiar with our plan of Rerooting America than check out Here you will see our comprehensive plan to gather your community as well as create opportunities to make it a great place to live and a prepared place to live. These initiatives are all great for once you have the attention of your neighborhood but how do you get there?

Over the coming weeks we will discuss that in road. We will also talk about leadership and how, though you may not know everything about everything, your ability to engage the right people for a certain task can create success. Very basic events like Halloween and Community meetings can be great ways to get your first contact made. Aside from simply making contact there are qualities and characteristics you must exhibit once you have their attention and you’re in the early stages of projects and discussions. This is a very critical time as well.

Over the shows to come we will discuss these qualities and what they mean to the folks around you. As well as how quickly you can diminish your credibility if you do not hold fast to them. Join us Thursday on the Prepper Podcast Radio Network or LIVE Friday at 7ET on www.prepperbroadcasting .com for our first look into making initial contact with neighbors and the amazing things that can come from that. Sure you work hard you can accomplish a lot but when you have a community behind you than you can really turn heads and get prepared for anything! I Am Liberty website: Go Here! I Am Liberty FaceBook: Go Here! Email I Am Liberty:


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