Make a Plan for the Violent November 4th Antifa Riots

Make a Plan for the Violent November 4th Antifa Riots

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Something is stirring in this nation. It’s in the back of all our minds. While some call it revolution others call it insurrection. NO matter how you slice it its an ugly thing that many claim is unavoidable. On November 4th Antifa and many other radical left wing groups have called the masses to act to remove the seated president and vice president.

This is the pledge that is being signed by those interested in participating:

Please make a video of yourself reading this statement:

My name is ____________________.

I pledge to support and join in the protests that begin on November 4 and continue day after day until the demand is met: This Nightmare Must End: The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!The future depends on it.

Join me — let’s stand together with conviction and courage, overcoming fear and uncertainty, to put a stop to the grave danger that the Trump/Pence Regime poses to the world.

In the Name of Humanity, I REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America. The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!

If you want to get an inside look into what one group, Refuse Rascism, is handing out to people and what their message is they are giving out a link to a google drive that features all of their materials.

You know its bad when a nations protesters even need materials in a foreign language.

While this is planned for many big cities I would not be surprised to see anarchy all over the nation. You should plan accordingly if you are near a urban or even suburban area.


What started as small group of black masked thugs has turned into an armed and more aggressive group of fascists who are hell bent on getting their way by any means necessary. Just take a look at these items that were confiscated by the Portland police from a PEACEFUL protest.

Steven Crowder and his team infiltrated Antifa and found what they are really planning. The best part is that you hear nothing about this on the media. The media has forfeited any and all credibility. You cannot count on them.

On November 4th we will see a domestic terror organization rally across the nation. They will have a propensity for violence and will be armed. The whole deal here is an increase of hostility until

You only really have two options in all of this. They are the same options you always have. You can either stay or you can go. Depending on your location this decision may hold more weight. With only a few days to plan your options to go are getting pretty limited.

You are Already a Target

This group is so vicious that you have already been named the enemy.  Trust me when I say you are a target. This nation has brought a hammer down on people like us for years now and its reaching a point of no return. If you think I am fear mongering I want you to consider this.

  • Can you tell people you voted for Trump? (lets say your did)
  • Can you tell people you like guns?
  • Can you voice your political beliefs freely?
  • Would your coworkers accept you in your weekend gear? (patriotic garb)
  • Would your love for your ethnic heritage have you branded a NAZI?

Stay safe and understand that some true American beliefs are under siege. Don’t be naïve,

Bugging In

If you plan to stay home pay close attention to what is happening in your area. Using tools like the local news, radio or even police scanners will help you get a feel for the threat level in your area. If the tide turns and things get crazy in your immediate area you must plan to leave. This is a highly unpredictable situation. Do not take these national protests for granted. There are only so many first responders to go around.

I talk to lots of preppers. I talk prepping for a living. I am astounded at just how pompous some of them can be in regards to their life. While Antifa is undoubtedly made up of soft, pudgy, sexually and socially confused youth who are seeking a purpose, they are a threat. One member may be something to cringe over or scoff at but a group of 15 people with weapons can kill you. Doesn’t matter how they are made up.

The important thing to remember for Saturday November 4th if Antifa riots in your area is to keep your distance.

Bugging Out

Though not a bugout in the traditional sense, you could make the decision to get away for the weekend. This would probably be your safest bet if you are in an urban sprawl. Of course, the resounding issue is your personal property? If you decide to head to the mountains for the weekend, who will be around to protect your home from looters and rioters. What will become of your property and what exactly will you return home to. All of this is a little unnerving. That is, until you put your life and the life of your loved ones in the balance.

This would be my recommendation for those of you who are in an urban area. If you are confident in local response and your police force you could probably even get away with a nice long day trip. Still, there is the possibility that you return home from a long day to find looters Just as active at night.

If you do leave carry, carry, carry, in anyway you can. The days of thinking about carrying a firearm are over. Don’t count on the mercy of a mob. The gun may be the only thing that balances the scale.

How do we Stop Radical Left Wing Fascism?

We must support and respect law enforcement above all. I think that our police force needs more help and more money. You talk about $15 an hour minimum wage. Its time for our boys and girls in blue to get a pay raise. We are quickly moving into a time where the cops will be at a greater risk than ever before. We must back the police with our words, actions and our votes.

In most cases we will see the police handle these protests effectively. Only when the wheels fall off do we concern ourselves with doing more. The worst thing we can do is show up and counter protest. This gives the police more to do and more people to protect.

We stand back and let the police do their job. If its apparent they cannot and the state is not giving them the resources to do what they need to, well, that’s a different story. The show must go on. People have to get to work and if these violent thugs, fascists, wont let that happen then we may have to discuss that as well.


21 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve been paying attention to this whole Antifa November 4th thing for awhile. Sorry, I STILL don’t believe that these entitled snivering snowflakes will get off their collective asses and do ANYTHING Nov 4th. Am I saying I won’t/am preparing. Hell no. BUT, I truly believe that this is another planned “event” that just won’t happen. Sure, Oakland, St. Luis, San Diego, Portland and maybe a few other’s will have their little localized “mini” riots, as usual. But nationwide, probably not

    • iamlibertys says:

      Steve, I hope your right. I don’t wanna see people get hurt.

    • Mary TInker says:

      I believe somewhat as you Steve, but I also believe that the areas of these riots will be met with the Malitia to start with.

    • Rod says:

      Plan for the worst. It may not happen yet it could. I have Family and loved ones to protect . This group is more than punks. They are organized that’s more than I can say for 80% of America. Sad we have to be worrying about this. Yet it is a fact Studies show it will only get worst after the 4th. They are trying to devide and conquer. We need to wake the hell up NOW

  2. tuesdayissoylentgreenday says:

    If they push , the shove they get in return will have them rethink their situation…..

    • iamlibertys says:

      That’s what I want to avoid. Lets just hope it never gets off the ground. If it does, don’t take them lightly. As soft as they may be. A group can ruin your life.

  3. Mic Roland says:

    James, in general, I would agree with your assessment of the ideological divide that is balkanizing America. This is no longer the Kumbayah Left of the 60s and 70s — where putting daisies in the barrels of M16s was the pious ethos. No, the New Left is more akin to Lenin’s Bolsheviks.

    I would guess that one’s potential level of risk from Antifa will vary considerably by location. Seems like, from prior Antifa riots, that they’ve required a “context” of thousands of staunchly leftist residents from which the rabble-rouser leaders can induce a couple dozen to don the black mask and go break stuff. With a context of a public they feel supports them, they find the courage to act. As such, staunchly leftist cities would be the likely spawning grounds. New Hampshire’s liberal cities are too pansy-ified for riots.

    Given the lack of such supportive context in my corner of rural NH (where there are more guns than residents), I really doubt I will see any black-masked SJWs rampaging down my dirt road. Actual Antifa rioters are few and require a support network of thousands in order to summon the courage to actually DO something. Steering clear of their breeding grounds seems like the safest course of action — on any day, not just Nov. 4th.

    — Mic

  4. Cheryl says:

    Another scheduled looting event!

  5. Nick Jameson says:

    From what I’m reading the biggest part of this plan is for the protestors to spread confusion. They want their voice heard, but they also want the violent side of their protest to look like it was caused by the patriotic side of our country. Dressing in Right Wing clothing and first responder clothing to cause confusion as to who is starting the violence and who is on what side. It’s all a ploy to get more media coverage and point the finger at the right as the instigator of any violent acts. All I hope is that everyone not on the Antifa side of the aisle is smart enough to just stay away. Let them have their protest. When no one engages with them to start the violence they want, then things will either fall apart or they will show their true colors. Let them make a mess for a few days (if they can stay organized that long). Then if things get violent the patriots can stand up and put the revolt down.

    We just need to let everyone see who is really doing the pot stirring around here. Be patient and the left will be exposed. Though it will be tough, just let them have their moment and hopefully they will just fade away.

    I live just outside a fairly liberal college town in a Red state, but the Antifa maps shows the closest protest about 60 miles away in a larger city. I’m just going to be prepared on my acreage and wait things out. Hope others can also

  6. Military spouse says:

    There isn’t actually anything planned for the 4th. Period. It’s a conspiracy theory perpetrated by various groups and has no basis in fact.
    Also anti facists aren’t a united group. They are everyday people who are against fascism. That’s all. They aren’t a centralised group.

    • iamlibertys says:

      Are you a propagandist for them? You sound like you are covering something up. We will see how unorganized and unplanned they are tomorrow. Did you read the article? Don’t take mobs lightly. Every murderous mob in history started as a group of “everyday people.”

    • truck says:

      Thank you.

    • Rod says:

      I totally disagree maybe you could share your sources. My sources are BLMs that choose not to get shot. They are also asking others not to get involved. They are being used and damn well know it.

  7. John Adams says:

    Another looting event coinside with the release of the new iPhone. Been plowing the field all week beds are ready. The weather is calling for flakes in the hilltops this weekend. Hmm maybe it’s code talk.

  8. Bernadette "Yes, I am a Liberal" says:

    And this is why you shouldnt go off your antipsychotics boys and girls, you will end up like these “fellers” hunkered down behind the couch with Bubba , a shotgun, a six pack and some sammiches the wife made ready to protect Murrica from those damn hippie commies.

    • iamlibertys says:

      I don’t think you described anyone who commented on this blog. You damn sure didn’t describe the guy who runs the blog. Listen to my podcast. It may save you. Maybe you could become a real liberal. We need more of them.

  9. Anthony Leon Medina says:

    Russian propaganda to cause civil unrest. Don’t be brainwashed!

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