July 30, 2015 poetry 0

Do you run?

Do you run through the night?

Not in groups with spandex but

Under the stain of the sour moonlight

Where the trees become monsters metaphorically

I run from the serpent

Despite my speed

he is always underfoot

His black skin dull under the streetlight


Are you a Lycan like me?

This dark world looks better through nocturnal eyes

Where the goblins and ghouls have no place to hide

Rather than the chirp and sing

Do you prefer the wooded song of thorax on wing?


In a frightening world

It helps to be a monster

Still, you must smile and hide your fangs

Trim your claws and speak softly

Wait calmly for the brazen moon to rise

Are you a monster like me?

You better be


UnknownScan aus: Wolfgang Schild – Die Geschichte der Gerichtsbarkeit. Vom Gottesurteil bis zum Beginn der modernen Rechtsprechung, Hamburg: Nikol Verlagsgesellschaft 1997 S. 67 ISBN 3-930656-74-4. Lizenz von: Verlag Georg D. W. Callwey 1980






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