Liberty is Moving!

Liberty is Moving!

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Date: March 8, 2014

Media Contact: James Walton


I AM Liberty is Moving to 9pm EST on

In 2011 Hurricane Irene brought winds topping out at 120mph to our doorstep. It was the first natural disaster my newborn son had the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately his father was far from prepared for such an event. Irene left thousands of Virginians without power and she dropped a few large trees in our neighborhood across the only roads that lead us out. We were trapped. With only a week worth of food, low on formula, a crying newborn and the sense that I, as a father and husband, failed to prepare for something like this. Irene was serious but if she had been just a bit larger could have had catastrophic effects on my life.

When the power came back on I started listening to the Prepper Podcast Radio Network. The info was great but like most interests in my life I had to be immersed in it. When I heard they were looking for hosts I thought it would be the perfect way to learn from great guests and even the listeners. Thus the nebula of I Am Liberty was formed

It’s hard to believe but the I Am Liberty show is hurtling towards its second year of broadcasting. I have had an incredible time learning about preparedness, science, weapons, combat, primitive skills and so many of the other great topics that we feature each week on the I Am Liberty show. The show has matured so much and is really becoming a great resource attracting tons of new listeners. Starting March 14th 2014        I Am Liberty will be aired live on Fridays 9pm EST This is a change from our normal 7pm EST broadcast.

There came a time on the show when I started to realize, as much as I respect them, there are only so many army rangers and professional survivalists you can have on the show before it gets monotonous. We are dealing with entertaining people and that has to always be priority one. I took a new turn with guests recently bringing on folks like Geologist Charles Apple or physicist Dr. Michael Wofsey who appeared on two of our shows to discuss water desalination and fascinating topics like the water energy matrix. Most recently we had behavioral specialist Christian Sawyer on to discuss the violent shootings that seem to happen so often today.

If you haven’t heard I Am Liberty I would highly recommend that you jump on board. Though I understand what a huge commitment it is to listen to some guys voice for a full hour per week. I know the gravity in that commitment with how much is going on in the average persons life. This why I never hesitate to thank my fans, the I Am Liberty Faithful, for making this show what it is. Every follow, every like, every click, every download is amazing to me and a sign that we are providing you with what you want to hear.

The community is the key and if you listen to I Am Liberty you have heard me drone on about that fact. Our plan to reroot America starts with fortifying the American community. We want to create self-reliance on a community level. There are some solid initiatives on but it really is a plan that you can run with. We talk about community gardening, bartering, mentoring, precious metals and even renewable energy sources. These are all great ways to help sustain your community through tough times.

Our new timeslot Friday 9pm EST on is not going to change the show one bit. It is going to change the way you listen though and I wanted you folks to be aware of it. Thanks to our sponsor and most importantly I thank all of you so much for your continued support and can’t wait to see you next Friday Live on I Am Liberty.


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