Killing the Vikings: A Lesson in Community Readiness

Killing the Vikings: A Lesson in Community Readiness

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For some reason the barbaric, rading Viking is enjoying a nice warm comeback in modern culture. To me it seems we are so desperate to experience strength of any kind, but so unwilling to work for it, that this interest in warrior groups like Vikings, knights and samurai are just a cry out. Its a cry out to those who want kinship, strength and responsibility. The same can be said for the twisted beasts in Antifa. How many of those struggling professors are dawning black masks just so they can have a handful of friends to enjoy a post modern beer with? How many are just looking for a group to be apart of?

This doesn’t forgive them for the anarchy and the fear they are inciting in our nation anymore than it would the Vikings and their past.

In search of the above mentioned strength and kinship in our isolated and NERF’d world, you cannot forget that raiding Vikings were absolute monsters. The Viking raids were about targeting the weak, raping, burning, stealing, cutting, maiming and leaving the people, and things, of each land in ruin. While the allure of metal mohawks, battle axes, karve and beautiful Nordic women is strong to some, there is a much better lesson to learn from the Vikings.

Its not the berserker mentality, in fact, the raiding Viking is not the most interesting part of that history, to me. As a prepper, husband, father, 21st century man and believer in civility and society I have never really liked the idea of raiding bands of maniacs attacking people, well, like me and those I love. To a person concerned with the collapse of society and the maintenance of a family, what really intrigued me was the reason the Vikings stopped raiding. Mainly, because its a lesson on how we, as communities, can prepare for to protect our neighborhoods from an uncertain future.

The Viking age came to be at the end of the 8th Century and lasted until the late 12th century.

The Feudal System and Trained Standing Armies

With the rise of Warrior Nobility across many of their targeted lands the Vikings suddenly faced trained Military forces. They were no longer able to just slash and burn through towns where small bands made feeble attempts to defend themselves. This was more sport than anything for the raging Vikings. Instead, arrows and well made swords, armor and the like would meet the karve that made land fall.

This made easy loot a thing of the past. The Vikings would have to shed blood, and more than normal, in return for their spoils. Before long the ranks dwindled as many were unwilling to face these trained and advanced fighting forces.

Your Base Defense Plan

About a year ago I wrote an article on integrating base defense into your community. This was long before I started considering the fall of the Vikings. Still, I saw the value in a fortified community during a collapse. Now, collapse can be post major disaster or SHTF scenario. Either way, we all need a set of deterrents for looters.

While building a standing army may not be feasible in your community, preparing a base defense plan is a powerful way to have the information and ideas ready at a moments notice. Don’t forget to print multiple copies so you can hand them out if you need to train a community how to execute a base defense and keep the modern day Vikings out!


While fear of slings and arrows began to permeate the raiders ranks. So, too, did the virtues of Christ. Christianity was making its way across the world in astounding fashion and its affect on the warrior Vikings was consistent with the rest of the word. The Word gave them a new goal and a new light to contend with. It stole the allure of raiding and hurting the innocent. As more and more Vikings fell into Christianity, the raiding groups dwindled further.

Truth, Courage, Monstrosity and Besting Yourself

I am, perhaps, the worst person to offer an understanding of the principles of Christianity. I just haven’t the understanding or the experience with the source material. Still, I can give you my understanding and how it, undoubtedly, affected the barbaric Vikings. Christiantiy, to me, has become a guide that offers four distinct motives to live by. I have thought about these motives and I feel good about understanding how they affect me and others in a positive way.

  1. Truth
  2. Courage
  3. Internal Monstrosity
  4. Besting Myself

If I can orient myself in the direction of these four motives I find that the very best in me shines through. Its not always easy and it doesn always happen but I am capable of pulling it off. The same mustve been true for the Vikings. Through Christianity they began to understand their monstrosity, their terrible deeds and they sought a life that was more fulfilling. This would be a life where the battle was to be a better you.

Fortified Cities

One of the most notable struggles the Vikings faced when dealing with walled cities was the Siege of Paris 885-886. It was a campaign that lasted over a year. The walls of Paris held out some 40,000 Vikings for a full year. The arrival of the Imperial Army in October 886 drove away the remaining Vikings. This victory for the French was decisive and spoke to the effectiveness of these fortified cities.

In time the combination of standing armies and walled cities became far too much for even the best berserkers to deal with. The risk far outweighed the reward for the raiding Vikings.

Modern Day Fortification and Isolating your Neighborhood

This modern take on fortification of neighborhoods was published on the Urban Survival Site. If you plan on keeping looters and enemies out in a long term collapse, you need long term thinking. Patrols alone will assure that your people suffer heavy losses. This article lays out a number of materials you can use to fortify your neighborhood in a full scale collapse. If we have experience a gas shortage or outage or an EMP our cars will make great impediments for entry. Though not a fun thing to consider, how you protect the boundaries of your town could become a massive consideration.

The Vikings Within

Vikings did not just raid and leave. Some created settlements in bordering towns or in new areas of conquered lands. Integrations was inevitable. Overtime the ranks of Vikings were carved up from a number of things but also settlement and integration into new lands. There was no point in raiding a land that was made up of a large percentage of Nordic people. This was a descending loss that brought generational Nordic blood to these plundered lands as well as pulled warriors from the Viking ranks.

The Importance of Humanity in Survival

At the crux of it all was community. New communities and community members offered immunity from the Vikings because they were Vikings themselves. In the end it was humanity that served its purpose. I saved this sentiment for the end because it speaks to my greatest cause which is that of community and neighborhood in disaster.

In these divisive times we need to a reassurance that our community members are here to make us stronger. Cohesive communities make our neighborhoods stronger and more rewarding. Still, we often lose the battle to isolation and technology. We find ourselves trapped inside and not taking advantage of the people around us.

My book Come Unity; Community is about creating that cohesive community and adding preparedness on the back end. In modern times its the most powerful tool out there to build your level of community readiness and your network of neighbors.


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  1. I’m sorry that you cannot speak as a Christian yourself or to real, heartfelt Christian values. You don’t know what you are missing out on.
    All you have to do is believe on Jesus, and to know everything you need to, all you have to do is read the Bible.

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