September 11, 2012 9/11 0

No matter which side of the fence you are on. If you are a truther or a believer or a skeptic sitting on the fence, today should not be about the argument. So much of our energy is put into proving our points. As if being right could somehow undo the tragedy. Today, as a whole, we need to understand that Americans lost lives. Tens of thousands, if not more, lives were turned upside down from loss and aftermath of the event.

Let us not glorify our enemies with anger. You see no matter what their origin the goal is still the same. They wanted to strike us with fear and confusion. It is important that we show our adversaries we are strong today. Lets show them we have taken the energy from our fallen Americans and turned it into strength. So even in these frail times when the world seems at a tipping point, when the dollar is flat lining and our government is spiraling out of control Americans can show the world our greatness.

America’s legacy is not about the worth of a dollar,  the assistance of a failing government body or an overreaching military hand. It is hard to see at times and easy to believe we have become monsters of the great machine. I know the majority of us want to teach our kids to be great and strive to be better each day. The tenacity, the confidence and most importantly the mind to question and ask ‘why’, these are the qualities that we should hold dear today. Our generosity and selflessness in times of need.

We lost great people in 2001. Fortunately the universe needs balance so we must step up and fill that void. It’s not easy doing extra but its necessary to get to that next level. I know we are all meant to do something great and when you aren’t working towards your purpose that’s when you become miserable, stale even. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.

So today being a day of somber for many. I challenge you to start today. Whatever you have been wanting to start, been putting off or just been thinking about for sometime. Take a step today. This doesn’t have to be a huge leap just a small step. Make your move today. Take the energy and motivation that our fallen have left for us and funnel it into achieving.  Honor those who lost their lives on September 11th 2001 with your work towards being great.

Like I said it is not about wrong or right today. Life is to short for that. Just know there are energies aligning against us. Get prepared. This way when the next 9/11 happens we will have banded together as a country. We will lean on one another. So that as things collapse around us we will have the brilliant minds to build it back.

Get started today. That’s what 9/11 is about to me. Showing the world that our wound has healed and the flesh and bone have grown back even stronger.

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