It’s ugly, its tough, its necessary: prepper fitness

It’s ugly, its tough, its necessary: prepper fitness

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Understand that there is no substitute for your own health. I know folks who are dependent on meds to get through the day. That is frightening. Fortunately you can take matters into your own hands. By starting your own simple, FREE prepper fitness program.

There is one email I get more often than any. ‘ I got no money but I wanna prepare’ they say. Push ups, lunges, and jogging are all free. They are all tough and painful but are a better investment than any metal out there.

Please don’t make the mistake of hiding behind your guns and ammo. Our world is slowly falling apart. The signs may not be as striking as a city wide riot. That perfect situation with the boarded windows, the loaded AR and food storage may never come to fruition.

I believe the public services will erode slowly leaving gaps for criminals. You see it in struggling cities everywhere. What if you are caught off guard? What if you literally have to run for your life? Are you prepared for that? Putting your 5 year old son on your back and heading for the hills or even a 20 pound  bug out bag? Could you hike 5 miles without passing out?

If you listen to I Am Liberty on prepper podcast or at all than you know I am into combat sports. I train and watch them whenever I can. their style of fitness is perfect for self defense and endurance.

Real strength does not come from big biceps. The base, legs and hips are the key. Anyone looking to run faster, jump higher hit harder is working legs. I recommend the squat and the lunge.

I was going to write a lengthy description on how to perform a lunge. If you don’t know YouTube it. It’s very basic. I would recommend 5 sets of 15 on each leg. Squats I would say 5 sets of 20. Your legs will be screaming afterwards.

Being able to handle your own bodyweight is very important. The next group of exercises are essential for building upper body strength. I would start with 5 sets of 10. If this is too much do them on your knees instead of toes. Too easy? 10 sets of 10.

I also wanted to mention pull-ups  if you want to build strength in your back and upper body these are the key. They are also incredibly difficult. Goto a local playground and do 5 sets of as many as you can muster. The key is to do them often. Once week won’t cut it.

Finally, there’s endurance. To me, the most important. No matter who you’re dealing with they will tire out. Once the muscles are exhausted its hard to execute anything. So keep you cardio vascular system in tip-top shape. Run a couple of miles 3-4 times a week. Play around with things like 400 meter sprints and mountain climbers. Bruce Lee said to build great endurance you should work on long distance jogging with intermittent sprints.

Bottomline, get in shape. I don’t care what you have tucked away. We prepare for the unexpected right? Then it would only make sense to prepare yourself physically. It’s free but its hard work. Like anything else though the work will pay dividends.

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