In Your Time

In Your Time

April 15, 2019 poetry 0

You’re here to be forgotten

That’s #1

Don’t walk with your head too high

Lest the whetted hand of clock cut it off!

In your time

You might stand for something

Stand against the crooked looks

On a frayed high wire

Above a spiked pit

You might stand for liberty

While the crowd breathes fire

You might do the right thing

When it hurts

Rose petals and silk linens

But you use Jacob’s pillow

Soft hair like stems of lavender

You might deny the temptation

To replace it with discipline

In your time

you might take the hand of a woman

Ahh! What power!

For one woman you can collect the stars

Shake them in a mason jar

And pour them back into the night sky

Writing her dreams into the cosmos


you might sand the sharp edges of

burden and suffering

The only true equality of outcome

BEWARE of the Slanted Man

His gait is strange

Knees in his thighs

His eyes are backwards in his head

With a golden rod he turns over stones

Looking for another dime

In your time

You might bless this world with a child


But who else might save the future?

Don’t forget

You are here to be forgotten

In your time

You might stare into a dark room

With the moon aloft

The competing breaths of your children and your wife

Your family tucked safely in bed

You might feel the security and civility

Gifted to you

From a forgotten man’s time

From a forgotten man’s blood

Blood on copper

Blood on Iron

Blood on Steel

Blood on Lead

In your time

You might find that all of life can be seen

In a dark room

Wrapped in warm blankets


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