I AM Liberty Show: Why Hunting?

I AM Liberty Show: Why Hunting?

September 7, 2015 podcast 0

Standing on the edge of summer it’s easy to look off the cliff and see into the dark dismal valley of winter. I hate winter. Still, the holidays that come along with it make it bearable. Then of course there is hunting. I am no seasoned hunter though I am so prepared for this season it’s crazy. Hunting, to me, is about a culmination of skills and having a reason to practice those skills in real this me with a real opponent. Hunting is about filling a freezer with good clean meat not raised in factory farms. Hunting is a natural progression for a guy who has spent his whole life in the woods.

Why do you hunt? And what do you hunt? Do you hunt small game because your father and grandfather used to. Or have you taken on this challenge alone, like me, so you can one day be the grandfather. Hunting is so woven into American tradition and culture it’s something worth talking a b out tonight.

Last week we had a great show on robotics, the cops are being slaughtered and as far as I can tell the stock market is still falling. Can we take a night off of the doom and day dream of acres of deciduous forests teeming with game. Can speak about the regenerative attributes a day out in the woods can have on a man? I am so sick of worrying abroad it the world and going into the water to fish or into the woods to hunt is how many of us cleanse our minds. Let’s do a little mind cleansing tonight on I AM Liberty

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