I AM Liberty Show: What you Cannot Live Without

I AM Liberty Show: What you Cannot Live Without

April 13, 2018 podcast 0

With all that fear its easy to get lost. Its very easy to lose your humanity. Its easy to lose what make you uniquely you. If our world falls apart what things would you keep or pack that have nothing to do with survival. Do you have list of comfort items? What would you bring in your pack or into your bunker that would be purely for your own enjoyment?

These could be sentimental items or entertainment based. I am interested to find out what my listeners would carry or store in that limited space that they couldn’t live without. No survival equipment, just personal affects. Its not that I am looking for ideas! I just think this is a great topic for prepper talk.

So, lets assume that we are all prepared for what might come. Let’s assume we have all the gear we need and lets think about the photos, the books, the belts, the necklaces and whatever else you simply could not live without. Believe it or not there are things in your collection that are just as important as some of your survival gear.

Don’t miss this episode of the I AM Liberty Show. We are going to look at a dark corner of prepping that is rarely lit. You know, my kind of prepper radio. Listen in!


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