I AM Liberty Show: The Micro Bugout for Family Security in a Collapse

I AM Liberty Show: The Micro Bugout for Family Security in a Collapse

March 8, 2018 podcast 0

The bugout is one of those things that you can deconstruct over and over again. You can add pieces over and over and still find something you left out. The bugout is a massive process that requires many levels of thought and planning before even considering a bag.

On tonight’s show we are going to explore a concept that I learned from Dave Jones of Preppin’ up with the Jones, our Saturday night live show host. In a training course that he conducted, I learned about the difference between war-fighters and family. Now you might think that concept is a little self-explanatory but most preppers have guns and body armor because they are ready to face gunfire. That puts their families at a huge risk.

What would you do to protect your home and your preps?

What if I told you the best thing to do was to run away?

The micro bugout is about staying safe and keeping your family safe as well. No matter what type of warrior you are, or think you are, when the bullets start flying everyone is at risk. It doesn’t take much to have a stray bullet wound or kill a family member. Not to mention, you are being put at risk.

In a collapse there is a good chance that you are the most important person in your family. Your 10 year old is not reading survival articles or practicing skills. You are the person with all the knowledge and if you get killed your family is on their own.

While it may be a tremendous blow to your ego you have to understand that sometimes retreat is the smartest move. It’s a move that all the greatest armies in history plan and practice. The micro bugout will protect your most valuable asset.



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