I AM Liberty Show: Robo Homestead and other future predictions

I AM Liberty Show: Robo Homestead and other future predictions

January 23, 2015 podcast 0

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Where is the world going? Weren’t we supposed to be at $19.00 a gallon gas. Nobody and I mean nobody saw the $1.90 gas coming. Its always fun to sit down and look at facts and rationally make predictions about where this world could go in 5-10 years. This will be a night for philosophy and prophecy and prediction. I am not looking for incredibly deep conspiracy. More so I am looking for calculated and rational predictions. If you have some please bring them to the show and chime in.

1-23-15 economic-collapsePredictions on what, you ask? Well, of course all the things that interest me. What is the future of water and the price of clean water. How about our food systems what do they look like in a decade. With the growth in self reliance what does that mean for the demand in high priced proteins. Where does the conflict in the middle east end up or does it continue to bubble over. Of course no one knows but that makes the show fun.

I am liberty 400x300I would like to look at history for some answers and maybe just some down right guesses. Though I would love to hear some theories from the listening audience. Something thought out though. If you are going to call and proclaim,” WE ARE ALL DOOMED.” Save that for another show.

The news has fatigued me as usual. Sure we will talk about it a bit but I would much rather spend the bulk of our time talking about the silver price, the gold price, the dollar, the country, your kids, my kids, the birth rate and what it all means 5-10-20 years from now. Its ok that we have some fun on the broadcast right? I mean I can’t speak on horrors every Friday or how to save seeds from your cabbage plants. Anyhow. Don’t miss it its I AM Liberty and its live. See you there.

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