I AM Liberty Show: Ralph La Guardia, Doomsday Medicine

I AM Liberty Show: Ralph La Guardia, Doomsday Medicine

March 20, 2016 podcast 0

Imagine a world without doctors, a brutal world that could exist in our near future or in the distant. For a second however envision a person you love with a life threatening injury. Are you prepared to deal with that? Are you prepared to save someone you love? No medicine and no doctors what are your options? There are a lot of great books out there about survival medicine or apocalyptic first aid. I have read some. Have you ever read one that featured so much preventative medicine? I have a gem for you on I AM Liberty Tonight. We are lucky enough to have a phenomenal guest.

3-11-16 51BaQVfC9+LTonight we are going to have author Ralph La Guardia M.D on the show to discuss his new release The Doomsday Book of Medicine. His book is addresses the scenario of dealing with illness and injury in the event that there are no doctors. What are you capable of? This book goes into great depth about how to become a one man healing machine. The book doesn’t only cover first aid but it expounds on great topics like vitamins and your nutrition. There is another great chapter on fermentation and fermented foods.


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