I AM Liberty Show LIVE! Survival Fitness

I AM Liberty Show LIVE! Survival Fitness

March 13, 2015 podcast 0

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The weather is breaking here on the east coast and nervous thoughts of bathing suits and tight shirts are sweeping across the land. The whole inventory of what went into your mouth over the holiday season and through the deepest darkest days of winter. There are a few times a year when you have the ability to hook people on fitness. Let me be clear it is about hooking people. Fitness is not a 6 week program. It’s incorporation or a fusion into your life. You start one day and if you are lucky you get to carry it on until the day you die.

FitnessThere are some really great routines that I have come up with that can both increase your skillset as well as allow you to get in shape. It doesn’t have to be about huddling into a gym and doing pull ups. As much as I love it, it doesn’t have to be about studying a martial art or taking Krav Maga. I like to get into the gym and rip off pull ups, push the pace on cardio, hit the speed bag and lift weights. To me there is no comparison to training with a group when it comes to how far you can push yourself. Still, You may need other channels to get it done.

Fitness megpix-012013-9599_low-resYou are really missing out on a huge aspect of the human experience if you are not using your body. If you aren’t taking advantage of what your body is capable of and how far you can drive your body before it reaches its limit than you are not taking advantage of life. This is all my opinion and I would hope some of you out there share that. We are going to talk about the news and topics on the show but I want to introduce you to some of the survival routines I have published.
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