I AM Liberty Show: Learn From a Teen

I AM Liberty Show: Learn From a Teen

April 5, 2016 podcast 2

If you are looking to stay young mentally science is suggesting you must challenge your brain to learn new things. Like anything else if we put it on a shelf and don’t challenge our mind it gets weak. If you are on this webpage chances are you are looking to learn some new things yourself. I can respect that. This is why I have an exceptional guest on with us to talk about learning and challenges that come along with it.

No better person to learn about learning than from someone who is in the hurricane of education. On this broadcast we have Mallory Wanner on the show. Mallory plays the piano, trumpet and is involved in drumline. She is a superstar middle school student who is achieving at the highest level. YES! I said we are going to have a middle school student on the show. Why you ask? Simple. When is the last time you were tasked with learning so many difference things from so many different personalities all the while dealing with the towering outside forces of being a teenager? If you think you can only learn from someone with a PHD than you are very wrong.

There is some spirited conversation with Mallory about what it is to be a teen in America today, what it takes to make it through school this day and age as well as what it takes to be a successful learner. These are not topics like radical Islam and it may not be TRUMP vs Cruz vs Hillary talk but fortunately for us all there is more to the world than murderers and criminals and tonight we have an angel on the show to tell us about what life is like in this great nation today. Don’t miss this episode of I AM Liberty.


2 Responses

  1. Chris Derouen says:

    Great show.
    I think she is a future leader of America.

    Loss of structured education has and I allowed unfortunately, my brain lazy.

    Like all exercises, it is talking a lot of effort to reestablish a pattern of learning.

    Thanks for your show and blogs. It helps keep me thinking and learning.

    I like your don’t box me in attitude. I try to stay outside the box also.


    Chris D
    aka Pappy

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