I AM Liberty Show: Is Community Our Last Hope?

I AM Liberty Show: Is Community Our Last Hope?

May 18, 2015 podcast 0

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I have been broadcasting on preparedness topics for almost three years now. There have always been threats in the shadows and concerns that seemed more fiction than fact. Of course basic preparedness is crucial and everyone should be prepared for life’s hardships. It seems like now, more than ever, those greater concerns are coming out of the shadows more than ever. The frightening tales we have been broadcasting and writing about are closer to home than ever before. There are days that I look over the beauty of my life and wonder just how long before the ugly face of consequence shows itself.

Community preparedness adaptIf the above paragraph was a bit too broad for you let me expound on the literal threats and their near critical levels. ISIS is operating in the country and terror cells are training in nearly every state. This is a fact presented by the FBI. The bird flu is spiraling out of control and just another pressure on our food supply. The military is consistently training for “something” in the states. We are fighting a war by proxy with another super power, Russia, in Syria and Ukraine. Scientists are pushing full steam ahead towards some sort of robotic/AI paradise they can only philosophize about. The cops and the races have been put at one another’s throats by our president. I could go on.

Community preparednessOur only hope is Community Preparedness. You forget that I am the champion for the initiative to Reroot USA (www.rerootusa.com) This is a initiative to strengthen relationships in your community and the level of preparedness. Its not about building a prepper community its about building on the community preparedness you already have. The preparedness aspect will take care of itself. Especially in dark times like these.

We cannot run from life into bunkers like rats. We have to evolve our communities to become prepared and more intertwined. There must be interaction and I am going to talk about just how you achieve that. You can also do some research yourself over at www.rerootusa.com Its been a while since we have touched on this material but it is very important.


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