I AM Liberty Show: Halloween, Auguste Rodin, and Chinese Chicken

I AM Liberty Show: Halloween, Auguste Rodin, and Chinese Chicken

October 28, 2015 podcast 0

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Halloween is upon us and it should be enjoyed. You may have saw me in my Deathstroke costume earlier this year in preparation. Say what you want I am busy enjoying my life so if I don’t respond I apologize in advance. Anyhow the crackling of falling leaves and the excitement of little children is contagious. Even though most of them only go to the local mall.

Beyond that one of the greatest sculptures of our time and anytime, Auguste Rodin, will have an exhibit in the local museum and it has brought me to some serious conclusions about life.

ON a lighter not China is now processing our chicken and the USDA is so cool with it that they aren’t even going to note it on the packaging. SO those who brought us deadly lead paint action fingers and killed our best friends with their toxic dog treats will now be handling your chicken. Hungry?

Picture courtesy of:

“Zürich – Kunsthaus – Rodin’s Höllentor IMG 7384 ShiftN” by Roland zh – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Z%C3%BCrich_-_Kunsthaus_-_Rodin%27s_H%C3%B6llentor_IMG_7384_ShiftN.jpg#/media/File:Z%C3%BCrich_-_Kunsthaus_-_Rodin%27s_H%C3%B6llentor_IMG_7384_ShiftN.jpg


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