I AM Liberty Show: Gun Insurance, Jiu Jitsu and Strength

I AM Liberty Show: Gun Insurance, Jiu Jitsu and Strength

June 3, 2015 podcast 8

Fresh of the mat for this episode and pondering just what training should look like not just to thrive in jiu jitsu but to live a long and healthy life. Is it about power and heavy lifting? Or is it about exploion? Or a balance. Of course we have to talk about the atrocity of a bill in the house right now pushing for mandatory liability insurance for gunowners. A little NSA and some war talk as well as some big updates.


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  1. Denise dunlap rubright says:

    I would love to do a movie night! I recommend the latest mini series of the Alamo. It’s a great see. And saturday night would be great.

  2. Denise dunlap rubright says:

    So the idiot that is talking about needing to have liability insurance doesn’t understand how it works. He is an idiot. I would love to help explain how insurance works. #asshat

    • iamlibertys says:

      thanks for the feedback denise and thanks so much for listening to the show! Also your grandaughter is a literal angel.

  3. Denise Rubright says:

    Thank you for the comment about my granddaughter. I couldn’t agree more! As well as your children are absolutely perfect! I am very proud of you and I enjoy your shows very much. Maybe one of these nights you can have your beautiful wife on the show?

    • iamlibertys says:

      My wife is a very conservative, old school, starlet. She has told me several times its not her thing. She was born in the wrong age. She would have done well to be courted in the Renaissance but she is so very American that maybe post WWII would be better..

  4. Denise says:

    Well that’s ok. It’s your thing. She’s adorable anyway. It would have been neat to get different views on the different subjects you do. Like different ages and things. Just trying to offer some ideas is all. Love your show!

    • iamlibertys says:

      people get a little weird about coming on the show because of the prepper affiliation. I used to work for a guy name Jean Francois Lassance and he told once, while eating a handful of two day old beef tartare, “You Americans are afraid of everything.”

  5. Denise Rubright says:

    LOL!! Well I enjoy your show and I will continue to listen

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