I AM Liberty Show: Evil Hunters and Prepper Depression

I AM Liberty Show: Evil Hunters and Prepper Depression

August 1, 2015 podcast 0

Its unavoidable. If you have taken on plans of preparedness or frequent survival forums you are aware. More than most people around you, you are aware of the landscape of your nation and the world. You are aware of the monsters that lurk in the shadows. You are aware of the frail systems that prop up this, the greatest, society. You have an inherent understanding of where you sit in the world and threats that face you in particular.

The equation is simple. With this understanding comes some level of depression. When you read about the horrors of ISIS or the perils of immigration both at home and abroad its easy to fall into a hole that you may struggle to get out of. This is what I mean when I say prepper depression. Its like the old saying goes: ignorance is bliss. If you are reading and listening and learning on a regular basis than you are miles from ignorance. Instead you probably struggle with some level of depression throughout the week when the weight of the world and its threats to you and your loved ones becomes unbearable.

Prepper Depression Going in Circles paintTonight I want to talk about prepper depression. Are you suffering? Have you suffered? More importantly what do you do to cope with it? There are moments in my own life when I get down into a hole because the future looks so bleak. I get afraid for my children and their children. I want recovery and success but I also understand that before that can really happen we have to have some growing pains. Its easy to pretend like nothing phases you and life is all coming up roses but if you are in the preparedness world and you make it your business to understand and mitigate threats than you better have a method to blow off steam. Otherwise you could wind up on the news as one of these crazy mass shooters who cracked under the pressure of life. Lets talk depression tonight on I AM Liberty.

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