I AM Liberty Show: Dead Headlines and The Importance of Living

I AM Liberty Show: Dead Headlines and The Importance of Living

September 20, 2015 podcast 2


The highlights are boring me. There are a handful that have my attention. I am more interested in the refugees flooding Europe and America. The lack of assimilation and how our country will prepare for it. How will our country survive 80 different languages all trying to make it in America.

Preparing for all that could be we also have to remember that living is important and I want to talk about the importance of living.



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  1. Diana says:

    The only difference in ‘Muslims’ and America’s ‘men’ is a group of radical Muslims publicly say they should be able to beat their women, men in America just do it. More than 4 million women experience physical assault and rape by their partners.

    • iamlibertys says:

      That is the most ridiculous shit I have read all year! The real difference is Muslims take their direction from a book to beat and rape their wives and they feel just in doing so. Also have a look at the stats on physical assault in same sex relationships involving women and you might be surprised to find out that Americas men are not the cause of all the worlds problems. Silly.

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