I AM Liberty Show: Bison Pumps and Water Independence

I AM Liberty Show: Bison Pumps and Water Independence

February 9, 2015 podcast 0

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Next to oxygen there is no resource more precious on this planet than water. I used to think water would be the least of my worries because I had a magic faucet that spit out clean water until forever. It becomes one those things we are just numb to, like flipping a switch for light. Only when I began to drill down into the real issues with the American water supply did I realize some things. The biggest realization was that, yes, on a planet that’s surface is three quarters water there could be and in some parts of the world is a water crisis.

Big-Boy-nggid03167-ngg0dyn-100x75x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010The finite nature of clean, potable water was astounding to me, a kid from the Philly suburbs who put very little thought into where all that water came from. Unfortunately as the years passed and the drought out West increased even more frightening things came to be. Last year farmers and local governments were butting heads over who needs the precious water resources more. That’s when I get nervous when government begins deciding who needs water and why.

2-6-15 Bison-Bev-Pump-Kit-nggid03168-ngg0dyn-100x75x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010Tonight we welcome David from Bison Hand Pumps on the show show to discuss a water independence option that I personally don’t hear about much anymore. That is drilled wells and hand pumped water. No electric, dependence, and no chlorine! Checkout their mission statement

I am liberty 400x300To provide our customers with a quality, durable and affordable handcrafted hand water pump that will serve them with years of dependable, uninterrupted access to their precious water supply. Our talented and gifted Maine craftsmen accomplish this mission using their many years of experience.

David has much to tell us so don’t miss this show on the importance of having water options. He will also give us some facts about other methods of water procurement that you may not know.


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