I AM Liberty Show: Andy Gagliano Turkey Hunting

I AM Liberty Show: Andy Gagliano Turkey Hunting

March 30, 2015 podcast 0

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Its springtime here in Virginia. There are many great things on the horizon. One of the more romantic activities is stalking the woods for that long bearded jake. Turkey hunting is right around the corner and I am very excited. There is scouting to be done I am shooting the bow more often and preparing myself for the big day

Andy Gagliano the man behind I AM Turkey hunting.com and the Turkey Hunter Podcast is with us tonight to discuss the topic among other things. He is a great resource and is host to a great podcast that your faithful host enjoys listening to.

On his homepage Andy proclaims:

“I make no apologies for this affliction I have.  You won’t see me stand up at a meeting and proclaim, “Hi, my name is Andy, and I’m a turkey hunter!” in an effort to take on the 1st of a 12 step program that most addicts do when they begin on the road to recovery.  Quite honestly, I don’t want to cure my turkey hunting addiction. I like it… alot!”

We will touch on many different topics within the subject of turkey hunting. Its like I say about any activity, hobby, passion…. everything is a thing. There are many different methods as well as different habitats across the country. I want to explore them with Andy on the show. I also want to discuss the very important task of preseason scouting and some do’s and dont’s

Look, its I AM Liberty we are gonna touch on the news of the day and bounce around the spectrum a bit of course. Tonight, however, we will have a great host and I hope you join us.

“Wild turkey eastern us” by Dimus – English Wikipedia, [1]. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons – http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wild_turkey_eastern_us.jpg#/media/File:Wild_turkey_eastern_us.jpg


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