I AM Liberty Show: 21st Century Marriage

I AM Liberty Show: 21st Century Marriage

November 18, 2017 podcast Uncategorized 1

Amid the madness of the perverted men who are making headlines I ask myself, ‘what of the good men?”

‘What are the challenges of a good man?’

Instead of focusing on the deviant men of our society I want to give a podcast to the good men who are making their way through a marriage in the 21st Century.

If you want to listen to a podcast about the state of marriage and tips for being a good husband/father/human, then sit back, pour a glass of bourbon and enjoy this one.


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  1. Denise Rubright says:

    Hi Jim. Great job as always. I am hearing the traditional marriage is different. There really isn’t tradition anymore. Its awful that it’s considered a job to be home raising your children. In that way my husband raised his son 100% on his own. My husband is the absolute best man I know. He is the most giving person I know and I’m lucky enough to call him my man. That said…I do not regret for one minute my marriage to my kids dad. He is a good man. Always was and still is. We grew apart. Although I’ve been twice divorced I don’t believe in it. I have learned a lot and I have taught my children my lessons. My ex huband and I grew apart. We wanted different things out of life after our kids grew up so we parted ways. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do but I found Steve. We taught our children another lesson. Don’t give up. Silly? No. We didn’t give up. We chose to be friends. We never stopped raising our kids together. We just expanded and have them more people to love them. I respect your look and view on marriage. It does go both ways. Equal parts of happiness and fault. You are a team for life. I just wish everyone had what we have. My son does. He has the best life and I am glad he learned to appreciate it. My daughter is working on it. She is one of the most unconditional relationships there are but she’s working just as hard. Thank you Jim for sharing. Love you kid

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